Monday, March 19, 2012

Naked Egg

Dominic was super excited to make a naked egg last week. I have never done this before but we basically put the eggs in vinegar, unboiled  and with their shells on. The Vinegar broke down the shell and dissolved it until just the eggs 2 inner membranes were left holding the other insides of the egg inside of it. It only took 1-2 whole days.
We talked about the anatomy of an egg and learned what those white stringy things are in the eggs that you see when we crack it. You know, the ones that look like white slimy boogers. Gross....but they have a name: chalaza....and they hold the egg yolk in place in the middle of the egg.


After day 1, Dominic wanted to rub off the excess shell that was still on there. It was easily rubbed off under running water to reveal this:

Part shell, part inner and outer membrane

Isn't that weird? Dominic has had so much fun with this.

He put one of the 4 eggs he did in purple vinegar (we just put food coloring in it). 

And then 3 just in regular vinegar. He actually dropped one of them on my carpet and it broke. Disgusting. I'm so glad I have a little portable carpet cleaner. But poor guy was so sad about it. He had just finished rubbing off all of the shell and had brought it over to me to show it to me and it slipped out of his hand. Oops.
Now, we're just going to put them in different solutions to watch osmosis work (and hope that the pickling process of being in vinegar for a week will prevent them from rotting).

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