Thursday, March 29, 2012

Essay Contest

Dominic decided to enter an essay contest that our charter school was having. They asked the students to write, in 100 words or less, Why they like Horizon. This was his response:

      "I like doing home school at Horizon because I get to stay home with my family. Seeing my family is  really special because I have to go visit my dad on most of my school breaks. I also like that I can eat a snack whenever I want. One of my favorite things is that if I finish all of my school before Friday I don’t have as much school on Friday. Another thing I like about homeschool is that I get to go on field trips with my family. I like that my ST, Ms. Mason, is very nice." - by Dominic Bertz, age 9

A few things I love about this essay he wrote:

So sweet, his logic about family time. That is the #1 reason we decided to homeschool and I always tell people that first off when they ask why we took him out of school. We just weren't seeing enough of Dominic. I like that he's noticed the difference in family time since we started with Horizon. I like that it was the first thing he thought to write down.

Food? We discussed this in the car. How its nice to be able to eat when you are hungry instead of be distracted by the clock and when lunchtime will start. I imagine its better for the brain and learning to have the freedom to eat when you feel like it instead of when the bell rings.

Get work done early so you don't have as much on Friday. This is the rule in our house but its really only been a few times that he's had a noticeably smaller workload on a given Friday. Yet, he mentions this all the time to people. I always feel like I have to clarify that we don't take Friday's off in those instances, we just do less bookwork and more study on the go activities. Its like he loves that the rule is there even though he doesn't usually get to take advantage of it.

Other thing I loved, he typed this essay out. This kid can type. He started out the year with the determination to learn how to type. He has had typing on his list of school studies everyday. He can now type about 20 wpm and thinks it is soooooo fun. But don't worry, we still do a lot of writing around here. 

Great job Dominic. He's hoping to win the first place, $250 Target gift card...... will keep you posted if we get word that he did.  Either way, I think I can speak for the both of us when we say, "We love Horizon!"

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Lisa said...

Good reasons Dominic! Noah came into the kitchen the other day, climbed up onto the counter to take a drink out of the faucet, and said, "Mom, do you know why I like homeschooling? Because I never have to leave you and I can get a drink whenever I want." Maybe I should've had my kids write an essay! It melted my heart. Their reasons are so simple yet so true.