Friday, February 10, 2012


We went to watch Dominic wrestle the other week and waited and waited for him to be up. One of the worst things about wrestling (for me) is all the sitting in the bleachers that takes place. Good thing we love Dominic cuz I'll do it time and time again if he wants to keep it up. Sean was helping to coach but the kids hadn't seen him all day and couldn't leave him alone. After the snacks and the ipad novelty wore off, he just had to deal with it cuz I was too pregnant to corral them.
This picture is frame worthy:

Dominic, ready for his match.

And then afterwards we stopped at the hobby store to get some Thomas Trains for Penny when she has dry nights. My kids love the hobby store as they have tables of toys to just play and discover. Michael loves the train table there but came away for a few minutes to play with the trucks and people.
Penny loved the castle and all the people that were with it. She had a lot of pretend conversation going on that was so fun to listen to.
Dominic found the lego section and the etch-a-sketch. I'm not sure he's ever played with an etch-a-sketch before. I'd kinda forgot about them. =)

I came home and fell asleep next to Penny after tucking her in. Man, was I tired.

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