Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

We had an awesome Valentine's Day this year. Mostly because I just put a lot more effort into it than I normally do. Valentine's day is one of those holidays that you either love or hate (I've noticed) and I've always loved it but in years past I didn't know why I love it or how to show that in real ways. I was never pampered on Valentines day in grade school and in fact I don't think I ever had a steady boyfriend on any Valentines day until I got was engaged so its not like I love it because I've always been really spoiled on this day. I haven't had a true Valentines for more years of my life than I have.

So, this year I gave it some thought and figured out that I love it because it is fun to make the day extra special for someone you care about. Unlike the argument that you should do that every day of the year, why do you need a holiday to show that? Much like Christmas or Easter are celebrations of Jesus Christ and his birth and resurrection. I am thankful for Christ every day, the whole year long. But, at Christmas and Easter, I get to let those feelings shine brighter than any other day of the year.....I get to really dig deep to understand my Savior better. I use symbols in the form of decorations, color and music to find a deeper meaning. I feel this way about Valentines Day. I appreciate my husband, my kids and my family and friends on Valentines Day a little more than normal because I'm reflecting on why I love them so much, why they are an important part of my life. I use the colors, symbols and decorations to create a visual reminder or those feelings.This year I finally was able to understand why I love Valentines Day, and why I always have.

Because I tried to figure out why I like this holiday, I was able to find cute ideas (thank you pinterest) of how to make it a special day for the ones I love so that they could see how I notice their presence in my life.

I made a special breakfast of sunshine and heart filled toast and eggs.
Strawberries cut into hearts and pink yogurt to dip in
some heart paper that Dad and I wrote letters on in white crayon and they painted them to see the message.

The kids said it was the best breakfast ever. My only wish was that my Valentine wasn't working and could have enjoyed it with us. He left me some beautiful roses and bought me the most perfect glass looking (but not glass, because who wants glass pitchers for lemonade that your kids help you make) pitcher for when we make lemonade...which is often. It was a great start to the morning. 

Dominic only ate 2 of the chocolates out of his box and was going to save the other 3 for later and left it on the kitchen table.....only for Michael to find 10 minutes later and consume all of them. I love that Dominic just laughed and called him a stinker. We both snickered at the thought of Michael coming across another box of chocolates and helping himself.

I ate half of every chocolate in his box......What?! I had to make sure they were edible!

He liked dipping the strawberries in yogurt. He says "straw-duh-berries" and we all love it so much we can't correct him. He loves his straw-duh-berries.

This princess was all smiles with her craft and breakfast.

I have never been the mom to do my daughters hair all extra special for holidays. I mean, I make it look nice and stuff, but not something all matchy-matchy to the holiday. This was quite fun and she loved it. See the hearts? Another way to let her feel special.

Beautiful girler. She looks so grown up in this picture!

I organized a Home school Valentines Day Party with our friends. This was something I didn't want Dominic to miss out on just because we are homeschooling. I loved doing valentines every year as a kid (I would even glue all the valentines I received from classmates into my journal), and I didn't want him to miss it this year and he was pretty stoked to still be celebrating. I'm so happy that we had enough friends to do a big party....and even more happy that my friend Lisa was okay with hosting it! We had a potluck lunch and then handed out valentines. There were 25 kids to make Valentines for and over 35 people in attendance at the party It was a beautiful day outside and we never even got to the craft. The kids had plenty of fun on the swings and trampoline outside.

We lined up a bunch of paper bags with the kids names on them and then each kid, assembly line style, handed out their valentines and the kids got to go through their loot when done. Michael went straight for the suckers in his bag. 

I heard one kid ask if there was dessert......"Its in your bag." Was my response. hee hee.

What a fun 3 hours it was! I loved all the time to talk inside (and out) about anything and everything. A lot of it was about homeschool, but a lot of it was just about life too. Its so nice to get a reprieve from the everyday routine of homeschooling and get to socialize with other adult mom's who are doing the same thing. It was, as I kept saying the rest of the day, so refreshing for me!

I love these two little buds.

Michael's valentines that he *ahem* I made.

We also made Valentines for our grandparents and put them in the mail. They were the kids handprints, cut out of construction paper and then attached to a string to show how long their arms were. Since we live far away from many of their grandparents and great grandparents, we were able to send them a hug from each child. Oh, those were fun, I just forgot to take a picture. We took some to G-Gma Matteson the day of and she wore them around her neck all day long! It was cute.

So, there you have it. I love Valentines Day. Its a popular day to say is stupid... but this year....I decided which side of the fence I was on and am sticking to it.

And in case my Valentine ever reads this, I love you more than anything. Sean is an amazing father and husband. He is not perfect and neither am I, but we balance each other perfectly. He is able to get me to loosen up in ways that I need to.... and I am able to get him to be serious in ways that he needs to. He's humble, kind and gentle. I love it when his big, strong hands play with my hair or face. I feel so protected and loved by his hands. They would do anything to keep me safe and happy. And he can turn an absolutely delicate moment into a fit of laughter in the blink of an eye. For instance, the other day he was walking by me as I was resting in a chair and his hand rested on my cheek for a second..... He then proclaimed, "I would never beat you to death and then stuff you into a trunk." (we'd just been discussing a recent news story about a sick, sick man who did this)  Thanks sweety, I always I know. Phew! There was a tender moment for just a split second until he opened his mouth. I take what I can get. I try my best to be the best for him. When we first got married, I never made the bed....EVER. Until one day he mentioned that he likes a made bed. So I changed...and started making the bed (because I'm always up hours after he is, not because he can't). I came to realize that I too, like a nicely made bed. I have tried to set standards for our home and many of them were very different than he was used to and though he resisted at first to some of them, he quickly came around because he knew it was right. Years later he has thanked me for setting the bar high. I love his humble nature. Neither one of us likes to be wrong, but Sean has taught me that its okay to admit it and still feel like a strong, confident person. Its not always right away, but with Sean... it is always. He has taught me that by example..... though I'm sure if you asked him, those opportunities that he has been able to be the example are few and far between (he's rarely wrong right?)....... I didn't know I needed that, but now that I have him, I can see how important it is. I love him. We are team mates. It's just Sean, myself and Jesus Christ. He's the perfect father for my family and the perfect Valentine for me.
Here's to eternity!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Lisa said...

Wow, Katie, I love, love, love this post! I don't even know where to start. It's all so good. I love that you defend Valentine's day. I have been so bothered by people undermining holidays, and you just said it perfectly! I love how you express your feelings about Sean, especially the part where you say it's just you three (with the Savior.) Sometimes, with kids in between, it's hard to remember that it all starts and ends with husband and wife. Thank you so much again for having the idea to put on that wonderful party. I was so fortunate to get to host! I am with you in that it was very rejuvenating! Oh, and I am so glad that you got a picture of Penny's hair! That was darling! Excellent post.