Saturday, February 11, 2012


Going to the skatepark in the late morning on a weekday is the best thing ever!
We do a couple hours of schoolwork and then load up the scooters and bikes and head to the empty skate park. We have had hardly any rain this winter and many  MANY beautiful days.

The kids ride around getting so much exercise and after hours still don't want to go home. Its a great place to get energy out. We then come home, eat lunch and do a few more hours of schoolwork.

Penny's balance bike is perfect for this place. She just walks along and lifts her feet when brave enough. I think if we had a good riding area around our house she could be easily trained to pedal a bike without help. She can glide along on her balance bike for quite a long ways before needing to put her feet down.

Dominic happily rode his scooter around. He brought his bike too but I didn't get any picture of him on his bike. He was quite red in the face with all the exercise.

This is a really nice skate park as far as skate parks go. Lots of different areas and platforms for the kids.

and several bowls.

It took her almost an hour to be brave enough to ride down one of the smaller inclines, but SHE DID IT and there is no going back now. She loves it.

Enjoy the short videos.

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