Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making Valentines

Yesterday was spent making Valentines cards for our homeschool valentines party. We got out scissors and candy and all kinds of stuff. It was a fun crafting day and we're not done yet, but mostly. Penny decided to make the same Valentines that Dominic made last year and add lips and mustaches to suckers with a note attached.
Do you like the bling I made for her hair?
Being silly with scissors.

And here they are all done. We decided to add some glue behind the foam so that they wouldn't slide off the stick so we needed a place for them to dry straight. I got a piece of foam and we stood them in the foam.

Dominic decided that he wanted to stuff candy inside a heart and sew it. Then he changed his mind and decided that stapling it would be much easier. He liked it when I made these in their stockings this year (just a circle shape) and got to rip them open to find candy inside. He went with Valentine Candy Corn and typed up the phrase to go on both sides. It said, "I know this sounds corny but please don't break my heart!" and then the typical Happy Valentines day on the other side. He's so cute.

He made about 15 and has another 10 to go. They are a lot of work (and staples!) but he keeps saying over and over, its a lot more fun making them than buying them. So true, so true.

Finished products.

Michael wanted to sit on Penny's lap to eat his berries. I love my kiddos. They were being so silly.

And Michael's aren't done yet. I'm doing two pieces of sidewalk chalk in a ziploc with a note inside that says: "I'm chock full of love for you. Happy Valentines Day!"

What kind of creative things are you doing for Valentines day? I wonder if the Valentines cards companies will be effected by pinterest finds this year and people inspired to make their own.

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