Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Complete Silly

How many stuffed animals do you see on Michael's lap? I need to get a picture of how many he has in his bed now. Its getting a bit ridiculous (but harmless so who cares). He's such a little snuggler and a sucker for anything "soft and cozy" like my other yidders.

When Michael finds bibs around the house he puts them on himself and just walks around. I need to get him that one that says, "my mom put my cape on backwards." Sean came around the corner and found him sitting on top of the bin shelf in the living room. He must have got up there by stepping onto the baby stroller, but we're not exactly sure. Maybe his sister was an accomplice too. He just sat there and played with the blocks with picture of Dominic all over them.

See? How on Earth did he get up there without falling?!!

When Dominic is working in the garage with his friends (we have so much to label now that we have to hire 3 neighbor kids to come and help a few times a week) he cannot stop talking.....which impedes his work. On this particular day I told Dominic that if he didn't stop moving his mouth and working with his hands I would get out the duct tape (mostly joking) he giggled and asked, "Can I have some duct tape anyways?"
Sure Dom. This lasted about 5 minutes.

We love chocolate chocolate chip cookies at our house. Just replace 3/4 of the flour with the same amount of cocoa powder and viola! Amazing chocolate cookies. Michael made a mess with the beater.

I love how the ends of his fingers are sucked clean on this next picture. I showed him his face in the mirror and his look of concern for his messy face was priceless. Michael does not like to be messy or wet. In fact he can't stand having any drops of water on himself.....and really gets concerned if my shirt gets water on it. So funny. Sean was kissing and licking the chocolate off of his fac and Michael thought that was pretty funny, putting his cheek out for Dad to do it again.

We got out the trains for the girls to play. Usually they bide their time with Polly Pockets, but I think they are beginning to lose their novelty a little. So, we got out some different toys. I love toys like this that I know will last a lifetime (even though they cost an arm and a leg to start off). We will never get rid of these trains. We've had them since Dominic was 2 and apart from the ones we let him take in the bathtub whose paint started to come off (oops.) they are in mostly perfect condition. I can't wait to see my grandchildren playing with them someday.

We love Americas Funniest Home Videos. I like to watch it with my kids though, because every now and then there are ones that are just a little less "family appropriate" and I can pause and skip. However....I love the show and get many laughs right along with my kids. Michael shows a little more concern for the people that get hurt but he still thinks its funny. Check him out:

I also included a song of Michael singing. He doesn't actively participate in singing while he's at church learning many of these songs in nursery, but when he gets home he busily sings them while playing with his toys. Its music to my ears. I love trying to figure out which song he's trying to sing.......sometimes it can take me a while. My batteries died right at the end of the video, but he gets a good amount of songs out that he knows. I think my favorite one is "Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog."

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