Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sitting with my kids and playing the ipad has become one of the only ways I get to sit and relax sometimes. I'll take it. I love Michael's finger ready to go. He kept trying to use his right hand but would touch the wrong spot because the back of his hand would hit before his finger.

Daddy got a haircut and then Michael wanted one too. At least one of my boys is good at getting haircuts. He did better with the clippers that Dominic does. It wasn't a great haircut, I need to fix it badly, but its still pretty stinking cute. I left it longer on top and just cut the edges.

Okay, so one year one of my brothers (Spencer, I think?) got me some metal cups. I was so giddy about them because they reminded me of my grandparents homestead in Central, Alaska. The cups are aluminum and so they make your drink seem especially cold and when we pumped the water up from the well, it just tasted better in these cups. I have no idea what happened to the cups that he got me that year, they got lost in a move. I found some on ebay the other day and could not contain my excitement that they were the original ones from the 50's, not a remake. These are the same ones my grandparents had (though all of theirs were the red color) And, in perfect condition. I haven't drank from anything else this week and its tastes dreamy. Dominic has claimed the green one and Penny has claimed the gold one.

Any other Hirt kids feel a little twang of nostalgia seeing these?

Michael loves to play with whatever his siblings play with......including Polly Pockets. Its cute to hear the dialogue that comes with it. "Be careful Polly Pockets, That hurt me Polly Pockets, Good job jumping Snow White, Hold the Kitty Polly Pocket."

Sean told him he couldn't dump them out and so he rummaged for a while through the box looking for something in particular. He didn't find it. He turned around and looked at Sean with big puppy dog eyes and said, "I dump it out please." and waited for a response. Who could say no to that?

A guy at the zoo on Friday held my camera and changed some settings on it. Its a decent camera but I don't know how to use the settings and so it only takes okay pictures.....except that he changed the settings and now it seems to take amazing pictures. =) It took him all of 15 seconds. He offers photography, getting to know your camera, classes for $20. I might look into it. Look at the detail in those eyelashes? Everything just looks so crisp now.

Penny has been loving her new legos. I found a staircase and a few other cute "house" gadgets on ebay the other day and Penny has been loving them. She loves legos just as much as Dominic. And, suprisingly, Michael gets his lego groove on too. He can put them together and only needs a little help getting them just right sometimes. His favorites are the people. He can take the people apart and then puts them back together. So fun.

Kiddos playing legos.

Choosing a book out for bedtime is a big deal. It usually takes her a few minutes to decide.

Here's a video of Michael playing late one night. He gook a late nap and had all kinds of energy to sustain him till 11:30pm. I love this time with him (because its not often its just Sean and I with only one kid) and he really enjoys the one on one attention. He was playing and singing "Its raining, Its Pouring" and "Choose the Right" intermingled with other jibberish. I love this little talker, he has so much funny things to say. Towards the end I ask him where my baby went, meaning him...Michael. Sadly, he looked at my tummy because to him the baby is in my tummy and he's big stuff now. Noooo! I want him to be my baby still. Love him.


Eva Jane said...

I LOVE those cups... I have the same feelings about them. Aaron has some silver ones, the colors are even better!

Love those kiddos too :)

Julia Harps said...

I bought some of those cups at a garage sale in georgia. I am not sure if I still have them somewhere. I think I do. They were also in a museum out in central in a display about old mining equipment. I guess that's what they drank out of while digging for gold. :)

LeMira said...

I'm not a Hirt, but those cups bring back memories for me. . . my grandma had them, and that's what we drank from when we visited her house.