Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some forgotten pictures

I meant to blog these other pictures of Penny Grandma's visit but blogger was giving me problems a month ago and then they got forgotten. I can't pass these up. =)

Dominic and Penny went with Penny Grandma to stay the night at Great Grandma's. Penny packed her bag all by herself and Dominic did his as well. Its amazing the difference between the two pieces of luggage. Reminds me of the typical packing job of most male vs female travelers.
Penny's bag was completely stuffed and I asked her, "Did you grab pajama's, toothbrush, a change of clothes and a pullup?" her reply... "Oh, no, I forgot those things." Apparently stuffed animals and games and toys are more essential for sleepovers than clothes and toiletries.

The funniest part? The conversation that ensued between siblings once everything was finally packed.
"Dominic will you carry my bag for me?"
"I have to carry my bag AND my sleeping bag Penny, can't you carry it?"
"Well no, its too heavy!"

Oh man, we couldn't stop laughing.

She fell asleep and got in some much needed snuggle time with Penny Grandma. 4 year old snuggles are the best!

Michael insisted on being at her side at any given moment. He calls her Great Grandma and can't be convinced otherwise. So what does he call Great Grandma Matteson? He calls her Grandma.

Making necklaces with Penny Grandma. Always a chatty bunch.

Come visit again soon! We love you!

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