Saturday, January 14, 2012


Michael calls toothpaste, pooptaste.....which of course puts Penny (and the rest of us) in a fit of giggles.
He can say toothpaste, but he calls it pooptaste.
We went to pick up our babysitter last night and the following conversation between he and Penny ensued:

"Michael. Can you say pooptaste?"
"No wown-say pooptaste."
"Aaaaaaah, he said it!!" --giggle giggle "Can you say pooptaste again?"
"No. Don wown-say pooptaste."
--bwahahahahhaaha "say pooptaste again"
"Nooooo! Don wown-say pooptaste!"
-bwaaaaaaahahahaha "he said it again. Can you say pooptaste again?
"No! No! No! Wown-say pooptaste! No wown-it pooptaste"

At which time I had to ask Penny to stop because he was actually getting mad. He really really REALLY didn't want to say pooptaste. Ooooooh, funny kids. It is pretty cute though.

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Nikki said...

Just reading that made me laugh, I'm sure in real life its hilarious! A video would be awesome :)