Monday, January 02, 2012

gingerbread Houses

I had just a couple more Christmas posts to get through before I can move on to the new year. Sean's cousin got Penny this cardboard gingerbread house and paints and so after we got home from church on Christmas day, we started painting it. Daddy helped also but got a little sleepy 2 panels in and so Penny and I finished it up. It took a total of 2 hours but was so fun. She loved the one-on-one time.
She told us what colors to put where. She was very particular. She insisted on doing the tree.

She loved that Daddy joined in on the fun. She was all sorts of giggles and super chatty.

She had lots of opinions to share. It was quite funny.

At one point she told him it was okay to mess up a little because once we got the house together, we wouldn't even notice. I loved the head rubbing assurance.

Doing some finishing touches on the roof.

and completely assembled. This was a really fun house and she and Michael love that it has windows on each side.

Weeks previously we put together our traditional gingerbread house. We pulled out the Halloween candy we had saved for the project and that worked out wonderfully! I was a little bummed that the kit we normally purchased went the extra mile and put the house together for us. Thanks, but please don't rain on my traditions....I know you were trying to be helpful but I'll put it together next year please.

Kids had fun though and I didn't really need to help at all this year (except for the coconut that they wanted to add as snow on the edges.

They were both really cute and creative.

Toddler boy just sat around and ate the candy.

G-gma joined us too. She likes to come over and help with the traditions, and we like that she has become a part of those traditions.

I love my kooky kids

And so it went on the fireplace mantle until we took Christmas down. I place it on the table and came back to this:

I love the snow white headband too....there is no shame in this household.


Eva Jane said...

So fun! I miss you guys...

howellblog said...

So DANG cute...I love the cardboard gingerbread house. Always fun moments at the Matteson home!