Monday, December 05, 2011

Turkey Day

We went to Southern California for Thanksgiving break and got to spend time with my brothers and sister and Sean's brother as well. We drove in (8.5 hour drive because of traffic. 2 hours more than it should have been) on Wednesday night and crashed at my sister's house so we could wake up the next morning and do the Dana Point Turkey trot. Its a fun tradition that my sister Julia participates in and whenever we are down there, we do also. This was the first year that Penny ran it and Dominic and my 3rd. Dominic really wanted to do the 5K with me, but I didn't let him (mostly, I wanted to be able to run it and wasn't sure he would be able to keep up). He ran his 1 mile and then jumped back in line and helped Penny run her mile. I believe the 5K would have been just fine for him.

This is a new way that Penny likes to pose. Very princess-y

Dominic held Penny's hand for much of the race and Sean said he was so encouraging and really kept her going. She ran the whole 1 mile and did so awesome. Its an emotional thing, watching your children complete a race. Its hard work and they are so proud when they finish. I find myself fighting back the tears when I watch any race, but especially when its my kids (which usually has something to do with the emotionally charged music they are always playing at the finish line too).

It was a great race and Daddy and I were so proud of our kiddos. Dominic, for running hard for his whole race, encouraging Penny so well on her race and for running 2 miles  and not just one. Penny for running her first race ever, running the whole time, and being stinking cute while doing it. She seriously said over and over, "I can't believe I WON that race. I ran the whole hard time for 1 mile and never EVER stopped. I can't even believe it." She said that they gave her a cool necklace when she finished. Of course its a necklace...what else would you call it? 

They did stop for a water. Its cute, the adults run through it and throw their cups on the ground, the kids stop, sip, sip, sip....walk over and throw their cup away.....and then trudge on. So cute.

Seriously, he was so encouraging. He's such a good brother.

See how fast they are going? Her hair is being swept away!

So, we ended up ordering Dominic's whole photo gallery (because he was in every single picture that Penny was in plus the ones from his own race so it was like buying 2 for the price of 1 photo gallery. ....which is a steal of a deal if you know how much event sponsored photography costs. Here they are below. So glad they got us all at the finish line after we got Penny her "necklace"

These first two are while Dominic was running his one mile race on his own. He ran it pretty fast though we never even knew that they started so I didn't time him (and their clock wasn't timed for their race either. Lame)

This was at the finish line. I had already run my 5K and had Michael on my back so Dad could be with the kids. I joined them in the last 200 yards for the race across the finish line. Yay Michael! He was almost asleep until I started half-way jogging.

And a big photo finish!  Annie, any way you can take that guy out of the background? He's totally trying to steal the spotlight.  ;)

Then on to my brothers house for Turkey dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures so this is what I've got. Michael LOVES my brother Nephi. Actually, Michael loves everyone but he really REALLY liked Nephi. I think it was the nerd glasses (jk Nephi).

All the kiddos (sans toddlers) at the kids table. This lasted a whole 10 minutes before they were bored and off doing something else with their parents trying to round them back up to the table to finish their meal. Okay, just me...I had to round Penny up several times. She ate hardly anything, there was just too much going on. But, since she did help me cut the green beans for the green bean casserole, she was brave enough to eat it and loved it. 

Michael ate nothing off his plate and found a stash of pretzels. Dominic's favorite dinner is turkey dinner and when we are at Jon's house there is always a plethora of soda to choose from (which Dominic tolerates, but doesn't loves but its a social thing to do so he gets a soda and sips out of it).

Jon had Michael giggling up a storm with is tickling finger. All Michael could say was, "Again! Again!"

Michael attacked the buckles on the booster seat.

"Kiss it. Kiss it." Every now and then a buckle would pinch him.

My brother has drums in his garage......Penny asked for a band for Christmas.

Cute candid of the Matteson girls.

Michael just really wishes he could still be a baby. He's funny and tries to sit in baskets and buckets all the time.

And thats it, those are all the pictures I have of the days events.

This year, we are very grateful for our health, our home, our freedoms, the Savior, family, friends, a job, a business, a prophet, missionaries, great food and lasting memories. I have a great life and am thankful for all my blessings. God is good and the gospel is true!


Julia Harps said...

love the picture of jon and michael. so cute.

Sean said...

That was probably the proudest day of my life as a dad. I had tears in my eyes the whole time. It was so sweet to see Dominic be so encouraging after already running his race, and Penny working so hard to finish. I thought for sure she would poop out pretty quick, and I think she may have had Dominic not helped her. Now she realizes she can do it.

Lisa said...

Good job Penny, you're going to be a strong girl like your mama!