Sunday, December 04, 2011

Still Catching Up

So, I'm still playing catch up. I probably have about 5 posts to go before I'm caught up to today. I got a phone call from a friend after my last post because I didn't look pregnant enough. Rest assured, I'm showing now, these are just old pictures still.

A few weeks ago I watched a friends 4 kids while she took a job for the weekend. They just came over during the day and evening and they are really REALLY well behaved kids. I love having them over. We also had Stella over to play that day as well. Everyone played beautifully. I had to chuckle though because they were all right next to each other playing and there were 8 of them total (including my kids). I had 8 kids in my house for several hours and I survived (and got good sleep that night!).
It was a fun day.

One day I made dinner rolls and Michael and Penny played with the little bit of dough that wouldn't fit in the pan. This recipe is the perfect amount of elasticity and not sticky at all so they were able to play with it and not have it stick to their hands or the rolling pin. Not even kidding, this kept these two entertained for more than an hour.

Michael can really maneuver himself around on the ipad. Its quite cute. He loves "birdsy birds" or Angry Birds as the rest of us call it. He also has a toddler school game that he plays and can correctly identify colors, shapes and letters. Its pretty cute. He has to use his thumb to select things though because when he uses his pointer finger, his other fat fingers hit the glass and mess him all up. So cute.

Dominic has been a lego building crazy machine! Ssssssssssshhhhh, we bought him some motors and what not for Christmas so he can actually put what he's learned in his lego engineering class to work. So excited for Christmas day.

Penny decided that a graham cracker and cheese sandwich sounded really good and so she made herself one (really she wanted a graham cracker and since she recently learned how to cut cheese, she decided to use her newly found skill in making herself a snack). She ate the whole thing without complaint but the next day asked for just a plain graham cracker with no cheese. Silly girl.
Just in case you tilt your head down, you'll still be in direct proximity of your plug Michael. Oh, how we love you.
I could not help but snap this picture of Penny one morning. The sun was shining on her so perfectly and she just looked so yummy.

Someone gave us another Mr. Potato head and my kids LOVE playing with them (now that we have two and more than one person can build at a time). Putting things in holes is right up Michael's alley and he can play with Mr. Potato for 30+ minutes. I love hearing him giggle when he's done something he knows is silly.
Whats a game of Mr. Potato head without putting his glasses on?

Penny can be completely silly sometimes. She was dancing for me on the stairs. Goofball.

I love the backs of kids who are focused on something. He's getting so big! Where has the time gone?


Julia Harps said...

hurry up and blog thanksgiving because I am too lazy to get it done. :)

brehm1jm said... is a really good educational website for kids. I love seeing your family, they're beautiful Katie!!!