Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Sometimes, I take too long to answer a "Mommy all done!" call from the high chair and matters need to be taken into his own hands.

Rice and beans never get old! Don't you love the glow of the pellet stove in the background? This baby heats our house so well. We've figured that taking into account the cost of pellets, we're saving about $50 a month on our electric bill (our house it completely electric, no gas).We were very blessed with a small electric bill (compared to other 'all electric' homes in the area) .... the Lord knew what we needed and he provided for us in more ways than one. There was a reason this house felt so good and so right the moment I set foot inside it. We didn't know how much utilities would cost in this home....but when the spirit confirmed it, there was no denying that our needs would be met and this was to be our home.

Funny way to fall asleep, maybe that foot was really hot?

the tea set is put up high for a reason, so he can't get it at any given moment (though this is his tea set to play with) Doesn't stop him anymore. He has discovered that a couch or stool are very useful for getting to those hard to reach places.

Michael really likes to play in the flour. I've been trying to deter this urge by offering rice and beans to play with any time that I catch him in the flour. It, for the most part, has worked....but sometimes the temptation is just too much. I was very stern with him this time.....

and so the next time he brought the flour to me and asked if he could play in the flour. What a good boy......."but the answer is still no. How about rice and beans?" He loves to play with rice and beans, maybe the problem is that I have the #10 can of them hiding behind the couch and he can't just get to it and open it when he wants to like he can the flour.

We went to six flags for Christmas in the Park and had an awesome time. We didn't take many pictures, but this one of Shouka swimming right next to the window we were standing at. What an amazing mammal. She is so massive and she kept making pass after pass after pass. The kids (and I) were absolutely stunned by her enormity!

See? He uses the stool to get what he wants. Nothing in the drawers are ever safe anymore.

Michael loves to copy Daddy and so that means he gets to play with the 10 pound kettle bell. He lifts it up and says "Heaby, heaby. I strong." So stinking cute. He really is super strong.

Our neighbor has a huge oak tree in front of their yard and Penny loves to go out there every time the wind blows and rake up the leaves and play in them. She's such a poser.

Have you seen his taco tongue? Its awesome. He's saying the word "leaves" here and I caught him at the Sssss sound. This is what his tongue does for the ssss sound. Personally, I can't even do it, I'm not sure how he makes it happen but its cute and he knows it.

Shaking the rake super hard trying to get the leaves off. She meant serious business raking those leaves.

We found these decorating beads at the dollar store. They are wet and slippery and absorb water and get bigger. All 3 of my kids love to play with them (and secretly. so do I...its very therapeutic feeling).

Reading books with Great Grandma. She comes over and helps watch the kids while I go to Young Women's every Tuesday night. Sean is here, but he's usually working in the garage. This has been a great way to get our Grandma time in every week and the kids absolutely love having her over. She's over probably 2-3 times a week to play with the kids. So often, in fact, that the other day Daddy came through the front door and before Michael could see who it was, he jumped up and proclaimed, " Yay! Grandma's here!" We all started laughing.

Penny fell asleep and Michael kept crawling up to her and saying, "awww. Cuuuuuuute." and then hugging her. He did it so much that we had to move her because she was starting to get woken up and her hair pulled etc. He sure loves his sister (never mind the hitting bout he's been on the last few days....it won't last. He's already figuring out that THAT behavior doesn't fly at our house.)

I was knitting my mom a scarf for Christmas and Dominic was knitting himself one. He has been really excited to learn how to knit and he's quite good at it. Who knew? He had a friend come over one day who begged me to teach him also.....so I did. Boys can knit...they really can.
Michael was not in the mood for a picture (Dominic was already gone for Alaska) before we went to our family Christmas party.

Penny was all for posing though. I love this girler.

Making popcorn is the most fun ever.

He put on his own Santa hat, said a few "Santa Santa Hhho hhho hhoo" 's and then proceeded to play with legos. He loves this santa hat. Whenever he says

She is her mommy's daughter. Monkey feet and all.

Sometimes I can't find Penny....there is usually a reason.


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