Friday, December 30, 2011

Oakland Temple Lights

My brother Nephi came into town last Thursday (he took Dominic up to Alaska and stayed for the week) and we had planned to go see the lights at the Oakland Temple. They go all out decorating the grounds with a huge nativity and lots of lights and a big star of Bethlehem. It really was very pretty. I love that you can walk on the rooftop of the Oakland Temple and see the whole Bay.

Sidenote: Before the temple we stopped in to Six Flags for a few minutes because we have season passes and had one free day pass. Nephi and Dominic went on the roller coaster Medusa 3 or 4 times and Penny was able to ride her favorite roller coaster, Cobra with Dad twice. It was a super short six flags visit, but it was a lot of fun. Dominic loves that he enjoys the bigger roller coasters. I wished I could have gone with them but....I'm a little too pregnant for that at this point.

So, anyways, back to the temple:
It was chilly out (hence my kids with hats on) but my sweater was plenty fine to keep me warm (though it was a breezy sweater). Nephi and I were giggling at some other friends we met there, Andrea was wearing a full on parka with fur around the ruff. I told her she needed to be on the next flight to Alaska, not Nephi. Hee hee....just teasing you Andrea but you need to thicken that blood of yours! ;P

After we got our family pics.... I wanted one with Nephi but there were people in the way and I almost didn't want to bother asking them to move and yada yada yada. I'm glad I got this picture. In fact, I love this picture. I don't think I have many, if any, pictures of Nephi and I. I love my Phi guy.

All over the temple grounds are stone benches. Michael found it necessary to stop at EVERY SINGLE ONE and say a prayer. It was stinking adorable. I'll have to get a prayer on camera because he's very good at them, "Hev Faduh, Thank Is Day, Is Food, Is Blessings, Home Safe, Jesus Chri, Amen" Melt a mama's heart.....

We had also met up with some friends (Sean grew up with Chris) at the temple and then headed over to get a bite to eat. They had paper on the table and gave us crayons. Awesome. I haven't seen Nephi draw in a very long time and it was fun. Dominic was flaberghasted.

Taking only minutes, he can draw masterpieces. I love seeing these monsters...I mean, I was the reason they came to be (inside story and its too late at night

So Dominic decided that since Nephi was drawing 'The Dominator" that he would draw a similar "Nephinator" I loved how he did his best at imitating Nephi's style of drawing.

Looks like Nephi right?

Saying a prayer again. Darn camera was too slow and took the picture after he got his head up. Its seriously the cutest thing ever.

Penny dug right in to the dessert.

Thanks McDougans and Nephi for a fun evening! Lets get together again soon!
Sean, did you change their last name? I swear I put in McGougans. Or is it McDougans......argh, I'll never get it right. Laugh it up fuzzball.


Nikki said...

Oh my gosh Michael is adorable with his prayers!

Lene and Bry Family said...

Does your brother still draw? Does he have a website. My husband writes comics and your brother has a great style. He is always looking for artists. Let me know.
Thanks, Jolene