Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Toothbrush, Scissors mishap and Pinewood Derby

I love Michael's body shape. He is not built like a Hirt, but instead like a Matteson.
Meaning, he has a butt.

And he's obsessed with putting his own toothpaste on anybody's toothbrush.
We all have about 4 toothbrushes that we use because with 4 we are bound to be able to find 1 at any given time to be able to use for brushing teeth. The other 3 Michael will have indefinitely carried off somewhere looking for a tube of toothpaste.

Penny was brushing her teeth in my closet. So silly.

She asked me if I could see her. Notice the bandaid above her eye? Yeah, she was trying to open a package with a pair of scissors. Makes my heart skip a beat thinking about what could have been. She barely missed her eye.

Michael is trying to plug the panini press into my phone cord. He was at this for about 5 minutes and sucking HARD on that pacifier. He was in total concentration mode.

He finally gave up and started playing with the knobs.

Penny had slipped and bonked her bum and I was holding and comforting her on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile Michael was having a hard time undoing the buckle of Penny's helmet (all that hard work has paid off, he can buckle her helmet all by himself) so he came and sat on top of her and asked for my help. She thought that was pretty funny and cheered right up.
This kid loves corn. He also loves the show Caillou. To hear him say it is awesome. So, watching Caillou and eating corn is a piece of heaven for him.

Since he's really good with fine motor skills, he's been really enjoying his oversized legos. He calls them his "Go's" . He's pretty good at them until he gets one that's not the same height on one side and then stacks another on top of it. That's when he starts saying, "Hep you, Hep you."

Our friend Mindy came over for some help with blogging and she left her computer bag on the floor. Michael walked over to it, said "box." and then sat inside of the bag and closed the top on top of him. I think he just wanted to go home with her and play with all her fun toys.

Dominic is getting so big. As I sat there watching he and his friend play guitar hero I couldn't help but remember when he was just such a little squirt. Where does all the time go? I love this guy.

He knew he was doing something funny when he looked up and everyone busted up laughing.

Okay, so a few weeks ago was pinewood derby. Dominic had a really great time with me making his pinewood derby car this year (Sean just really didn't have time. His schedule was crazy last month). We cut it out at a friends house and then sanded, added weights, painted and (yes) mod podged it. It had to have a crafty aspect thrown in there. He made lightening bolts in microsoft paint and then printed them off and we pasted them on with mod podge. We then added layers and layers of mod podge to up the ounces a bit too. It turned out looking really nice and did really well.......we thought.

His is the one that this guy has his hands on.

See that look on his face? He went away a little discouraged and I didn't know how to console him. His car won every race it was in except one (against the 1st place car). They had done all the bracketing digitally and so it was hard to follow how they placed people. They also timed the races with their digital track. We weren't sure how he was able to beat the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place winners and get 10th place. It was an hour late in getting started due to setup of the track taking longer than anticipated.... and I was just too tired to stay and figure it out. He went away a little discouraged but still proud of his car. I'm happy I got this picture of him completely celebrating his victories! It was a really long, but fun night and I was proud that he was still able to congratulate the winning cars, eventually (even if it took a day or two).

Way to go Dominic. And must I say, you look handsome in the Bear uniform.
I'm proud of you Dom Bomb!

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