Monday, October 03, 2011

New (to us) Car

We got a new (to us) car on Friday. We were looking online for Suburbans or Yukon XL's not in a huge hurry to buy something right away but definitely looking for a great deal. We weren't expecting it to come up so soon! We had it inspected by our mechanic and were given the green light.

Its a GREAT car and has been well cared by one family its whole life.
Sean was excited that it has custom rims, wheels and tail lights. It also has a doohickey on it that makes it rumble when you step on the gas....definitely a man thing (since I don't even know what to call it). I was hoping to be able to get one with leather interior (so much easier than cloth with kids) and this one has it. Yay! Kids are excited that it has a DVD player in each row of seats (so 2 DVD screens in the car).

We are happy to make this new Suburban our family vehicle.
And as soon as we can sell the pathfinder (this week we hope) we will have rid ourselves of car payments.
My, what a blessing from our Heavenly Father.
Life is good.


Holly said...

Awesome, my boys will be very jealous about the dvd player. And YAY for no car payments! Hope the pathfinder sells quickly for you guys:)

cambridgeclan said...

That was sure fast! I am so glad that you don't have to think about it anymore. Good luck selling the Pathfinder. No car payments...someday we will know that feeling again.