Monday, October 10, 2011

General Conference

Whew! We watched all 4 sessions of conference and I was happy that the kids did so well. I got to watch all 4 sessions of conference....thats a miracle. =)

This is what my kids looked like Saturday morning enjoying their packets. Michael was loving being a big kid and coloring just like them.
Penny cut out about 20 of these watches and put them on her arms, legs and muscles. I was picking them up for days, but the time it took to color, cut and tape them on her appendages was so worth it!

Michael was entertained by putting tape on the back of his hand and watch him try to take it off. The legos in the background lasted for a while too. It was fun to keep him entertained. He went down for a nap for the second session.

This is what my living room looked like after all the activities of the morning session. =) So worth it. My favorite announcement was that the Provo Tabernacle was going to be restored and not just restored, but also become the 2nd temple in Provo. That made me cry. I loved that building and was so heartbroken that it burned down a few years back. I went to several Stake Conferences in that building (Elder Hales came to speak to us there) and was always amazed at its architecture. This made me so happy. And really, a second temple in Provo?!! Wow. Thats amazing.

For the second session, we made a tent for the kids to sit in like the people listening to King Benjamin's sermon (while eating popcorn). We read this story the night before in preparation. This was a big hit. Dominic did not leave the tent the whole session.

Penny, on the other hand, went and colored on Daddy's lap (notice he has a paper watch on too! She made sure we all had one).

Penny and Daddy did not last long, they were out in like 15 minutes. Sean had worked all morning and with a warm body on your chest, it was just impossible. =) Snuggle time was much needed though. He can listen to the session later.

Penny went on a cut and glue frenzy. She was having so much fun cutting out shapes and gluing them in the correct place. I don't remember Dominic being able to cut this well at 3.5. He was still doing fringes around the edge. =)
ON Sunday morning we had a friend come over and watch with 4 of her kids. It was fun to have some company and we had plenty of things to keep the kids busy and listening.

Color, Cut, Glue.
Michael loves the wooden food from Melissa and Doug. He cuts and cuts and cuts and then comes and lets us know to put them back together by saying, "Hep you. Hep you."

He doesn't quite get the knife right every time, but he's starting to get better and better. I love the concentration and sometimes effort which will physically show by his struggling hands and grunting.
He joined the big girls now and then at the tiny craft table. =)

and asked daddy to open up the animals on the ipad.

It was a great General Conference Session. As always, we were uplifted and edified by the words of our prophet, apostles and other church leaders. My favorite talks were these:

President Uchtdorf's Forget Me Not 
Sister Thompson
Elder Anderson
President Uchtdorf
Elder Bednar 
Prophet Thomas S. Monson

My favorite one for Sean was from
Sister Dalton

Just kidding, I really liked this talk too because its exactly how we should be treating our husbands too. Like the Kings they are.

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