Saturday, September 10, 2011

XX or XY Chromosomes

So, while explaining to Dominic the genetic makeup of girls versus boys and if the man or the woman got to decide (contribute to) if it was a boy or a girl,
 who knew that Penny would be paying such close attention.
 As soon as I put the marker down she picked it up and said, 
"Okay Dominic. Here's how it works."

and then the following video ensued

We can't wait to meet you FeleXa.

Later in the evening they were both chanting their preference. 
Penny chanting - XX and Dominic chanting -XY

I guess we covered science twice today.


Julia Harps said...

penny is getting so big!

Eva Jane said...

Ha! I like the xx and xy drawings you made! Penny should make up names for people, she's good at it :)

Nikki said...

Are you pregnant?

Katie said...

hahahahah... uhm, yes.

Nikki said...

How did I miss that announcement?! I didn't see it on your blog! How far along are you??!!