Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ward Campout

During Labor Day weekend our ward had a campout at some member's property an hour away. It is a very serene place that really reminded me of Alaska. There was a creek that ran through it that I could have sat and played at all day long. We set up camp in the afternoon on Friday and stayed through Saturday in the early evening.
They had a kitchen that was fully plumbed and a covered eating area as well as a bath house with 6 separate bathrooms, 4 of them with showers. 

Michael was so dirty! It was perfect. I loved just letting him explore and he had dirt in every nook and crannie!

They had a trampoline and the girls took advantage of the opportunity to jump alone while all the older kids were swimming in the pool and going down the waterslide.

Seat Drop!

This is the home made waterslide. The pool and slide are lined with old billboards. The pool is then lined over the top of the billboards with one huge blue tarp and then filled with water from the creek. I can't remember if it was chlorinated or not....I do remember that it was FREEZING!

Dominic after he just came down the slide.

There was also a shooting range and Dominic got to shoot the gun a few times.

I brought our gold pans and we went gold panning in the creek. This was the perfect creek to explore in! Dominic walked a good distance up stream with some friends just exploring and playing. I loved doing this as a child.

Penny and Catherine used this huge leaf as an umbrella to block the sun.....until it wilted.

The boys got out the slouce box and were actually able to find a few good sized flecks of gold. It was a fun dig.

The girlers.

I was helping Dominic pan for his gold. We didn't find any.

Seriously dirty. He was in hog heaven sitting there in the dirt for a good 30 minutes or so.

See how pretty? They have a nice lawn all set up to set up tent on and then the rest is just au-natural.

Ladybugs are so funny. He was tickled that this ladybug was walking all over his fingers.

I even went down the slide once. Sean was probably the most entertaining (apart from Trent's flips) going down the slide. He would howl and hollar the whole way down and then squeal when he hit the water because it was so cold.

Here is a video of Dominic going down.

Proof that Sean was there:

And then, on the way back we got a flat tire..... I was so proud of Sean for not letting that ruin his weekend! It was a fun family adventure to get a flat tire on the way home when all you want to do is go home, shower, unpack and go to bed.

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Nikki said...

We LOVE the Johansen's place! So heavenly! Looks like you had a blast :)