Thursday, September 22, 2011

Up to

These are some of the random, daily things we've been up to.

Penny busted out the alphabet on her own a few weeks ago. She's doing really well with reading and writing and sounds out words wherever we go. Sean and I can hardly S-P-E-L-L anything out anymore without her sounding it out in her head and telling us what we are talking about.
Little Booger.

Sean and I were really giddy one night and decided to draw mustaches on our children....though we weren't brave enough to do Michael's (he surely would have woken and been up all night). It was funny because when the kids came downstairs in the morning and saw each other they both asked the other what was on their faces. We all had a good laugh.

Michael loves to pretend he's driving. He seriously thought he was a big boy in the drivers seat!

Michael LOVES markers. He could color all day long. Problem is, he really really REALLY likes to color on the carpet. So, if he colors it has to be in his high chair. He doesn't seem to mind.
Dominic earned enough money this last year to purchase an ipad (we paid for half of it since we use it too). He and Penny have a few silly things that they like to do on it. There is a video of The Pancake Man that puts them in stitches. 

Here is the video:

Michael has discovered how to lay down in the bath tub by himself and then turn over and get up....then re-turn him self so that he can be laying on his back again. Its fun to watch because sometimes he moves in circles trying to turn over. Pretty entertaining. There have been a few times where his face ends up underwater and he's gotten scared, but for the most part he handles it really well. 

Penny and Michael loves this game. I've been doing this since I was 9 or so with my siblings. My kids love being raised up and then dropped onto my shins. Scares them every time.

These two can be so incredibly sweet sometimes. Penny doesn't get to play some of the games in Dominic's slide because she messes up the levels so she is content to just sit and watch him play. 

2 minutes after the last picture was taken she was out and I stole her from Dominic and we got to snuggle. She as seriously dead weight on me but I love our snuggly time.
Penny got a tea set from a friend and Michael loves to drink out of the teacups. 

All it took was for Penny Gma to feed Michael a bottle and then he was fine to sit and snuggle. He sat like this for about 10 minutes with Gma rubbing his hair. And then all at once, the moment was over and he was up and playing with something else.

Ice cream. Michael is answering my question to, "Is it good?" He says.....'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
I love these yidders.

Penny likes to show Great Grandma all the new things she has learned on the ipad. 

Penny's in the slot are one of the funnest things to watch little fat fingers try to do. I love the concentration on his face and steadied breathing that comes along with this activity.

He was being goofy when I caught him playing with Penny's helmet. It was really really quiet for like 15 minutes. He seriously sat and played with this buckle trying to figure out how to fasten it for 15 minutes.

Dominic taught Penny how to make a paper airplane. She's getting pretty good at it. 

Monday nights FHE lesson went well and then I put the kids in the car and told Sean to check a noise in the back of the car. When he got in to see it, I shut the back hatch and we drove off to get some ice cream. Dominic thought that Sean was unaware of the plans but I cleared it all with him before hand. He just went along with the "surprise." Dominic was so excited all day long to steal Dad and trick him into not working. 

So, this is a picture of Sean pretending to be annoyed at sitting in the back seat. When really, he loves being in stadium seating.

And the real faces of the night. It was a lot of fun and Dominic was so thrilled to have fooled Dad.

Penny and Dominic built Mount Olympus out of blocks at Gma's house.

The other day Michael got into the flour AGAIN. However, I was in the middle of cooking and so Penny, on her own accord, went and got the little vacuum and cleaned the mess up without me asking.
Our FHE on service a few nights previous was still fresh on her mind.
I so appreciated it and let her know how much help it was when she did things like that.

Bike helmets and Michael are almost inseparable.
He doesn't care the size, or the activity that he's doing. If there is a helmet nearby, he'll find it and put it on.
I love it.


Julia Harps said...

those are some cute kids. Michael is getting so big and penny is so cute. dominic looks good with a stache!

cambridgeclan said...

Levi has a helmet song to sing for Michael.

Eva Jane said...

that last picture is a classic! What a bunch of GREAT kiddos!!

Mindy Carter said...

Love the picture of Penny with her head resting on her big brother's shoulder. And Michael with that helmet on. You have the cutest kids ever! Oh, and the mustache idea...hilarious!