Monday, September 12, 2011


I just can't do it anymore. We made the switch since this last mess to frozen gogurts.
Still a mess, but not as much and he still gets his yogurt that he loves.
He won't let me feed him.

A few months ago we were at Costco and we got their soft serve ice cream (frozen yogurt). He refused to eat any because I wouldn't give him the spoon to feed himself with but I seriously was not going to try to contain the mess he was going to make with that spoon! He seriously didn't eat one bite of the 20 I offered to him if that gives you an idea of how seriously he takes feeding himself.
He wouldn't even eat ice cream if he couldn't feed it to himself!
There was no settlement to be made.
"Let me do it, or I don't want any."

It was ice cream for goodness sake!

Silly bug.

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Julia Harps said...

what a scamp!