Saturday, September 10, 2011


We've had a lot of silly pictures that capture our lives in the last week or so that just don't belong in their own post so here goes:

Michael is a monkey and when he's ready to eat he lets me know. If I don't respond fast enough, he takes matters into his own hands. He hangs on and pulls and pulls trying to get up saying,
"rrrrrrrrrrrg, heaby, heaby!"

When Dominic is doing his schoolwork it isn't rare to find either Michael or Penny or both doing "homework" right alongside him. Michael loves to "color"

Penny loves to give a try on the Type Right II. She actually can do home row with her fingers on the right keys and get 13 letters per minute without taking her fingers off. She just started doing it without instruction. Love her.
Sometimes, life slows down a little and you savor the moments like this. Sunday afternoons always feel like this for us because Daddy doesn't work.

Buttering pancakes can be hard work but when you're 3 going on 4 you can do everything "all by myself."

Penny's foot somehow ended up in Michael's carseat and instead of shoving it out like he usually does, this time he decided to tickle it. This game lasted for a good 10 minutes and had them in stitches. Hilarious!
Also, Sean was driving so my hands were free to take these pictures without endangering us. 

Did I say Sean was driving? That was until Michael took over the wheel. This kid was LOVING being in the front seat while Daddy ran into the store for something (oreos).
I love this little girler. We girls are outnumbered but not for long, right Penny?

He found the button to roll the window up and down. He thought that was pretty cool.

And seriously, I could just about die watching this video. He figured out how to turn around in circles on purpose but he has to use the momentum of his arm in front to do it.
I am so in love with this bundle of baby its ridiculous.
He is such a ham!


Julia Harps said...

little michael laughs like sean! soo cute.

Eva Jane said...

those were the cutest turning circles I've ever seen!