Sunday, September 04, 2011


I was a little hesitant to take my kids to Funderland when  friend invited us along because its a very small park, with only 8 rides and they are geared more towards the 4-6 year old. However, after asking on Facebook to my local friends, it was determined that even Dominic would probably still have fun. So, we decided to drive the 30 minutes to the park and give it a try. These kids had  A BLAST! 

To our surprise, Dominic didn't even have school on that day (some teacher inservice day...which is funny when you home-school because I'm actually the teacher, not the Supervising Teacher but whatever....we took the day off).
Michael's favorite ride were the horsies. He got bored about half way through though and I'd pull him off and he's hug the horse for the rest of the ride. He's such a lover.

He liked the fishy ride. I tightened him in there REALLY good because I knew he would try to stand up and get out.
This one made me nervous so I had Dominic ride behind him and he was instructed to grab him and make him sit if he tried to wiggle. Luckily, he couldn't make it the time that it took to buckle all the kids in and I pulled him out. It as perfect, he got his aiplane fix without even having to ride.

There was a little log ride that they really like too. Dominic and Sophie went on this SEVERAL times.

This was a quaint village type drive. Very cute.

Penny needed a turn on the fish.

The rollercoaster wasn't much, but it got just enough speed that Dominic enjoyed it probably 10 times over again, if not more.
Penny and Tucker enjoyed the train. Actually, we all enjoyed the train, albeit the part where we had to go by the maintenance shop where they were spray painting something. =)

These two went on a lot of rides together. He and Dollie are 1 year apart and have a lot of fun whenever we get together.
We were there for close to 4 hours and Michael konked about half-way through .

Penny liked the carousel, but after two times through, I couldn't go around again without getting sick. =)

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