Friday, September 30, 2011

Chips? No, how about a cookie

And by cookie he meant granola bar.....just to clarify. This video cracks me up because the laundry basket was springing the door to close every time he pushed on it and so he started pushing harder and harder, which only made the door close faster. He was doing this for quite a while before we were able to find the camera. I could not stop laughing! We only caught the tail end, but you get the idea.

Oh Michael, your forever raiding of the pantry is always amusing. Recently he has discovered what marshmallows are "mallows, mallows." Yeah, I had to hide those a shelf or two higher.

and yes, he's wearing an Eskimo Joe shirt. Thanks Owen.


Julia Harps said...

that's cute. :)

Holly said...

Love this. I have a feeling Michael and Carter would get along perfectly. :)