Wednesday, September 28, 2011

California Capital Airshow

I've been trying to branch out a little and actually schedule fun things to do that we don't normally do. Groupon has actually been really helpful in giving me ideas.

So, some tickets were up on Groupon to the California Capital Airshow. I put it on my calendar and we waited for the date. There are some serious pilots out there who can do amazing things! However, we weren't really as prepared with what to bring as we weren't sure what to expect. Next year, we'll bring camping chairs and have a home base to come to where we can eat, sit and watch. We really just spent the whole time in the kids center as it provided shade and activities for the kids. It was like pulling teeth to get them to stop what they were doing and come watch the airplanes. It would have also been helpful if it wasn't so blooming hot out!

However, we did have a good time and it was overall a great activity for the kids.
They started with the Star Spangled Banner being sung while this guy parachuted the flag from out of a plane.
Michael was tickled pink to have been able to catch some fishes. He could have done this all day long.

They had some bouncehouses that Penny and Stella couldn't get enough of. There were no shoes allowed on the bouncehouses and it was all set up on blacktop that turned their feet BLACK. Can you see the bottoms of their feet?

So fun!

I love the flying curls. She had so much fun on this slide over and over and over again.

I even went down it with Michael, but he really didn't want my help. He wanted to do it "all by himself."

Jumping Bean!

"Mih" break.

Michael was thrilled to draw all over the ground with chalk. He even tasted a few of the sticks of chalk.

Penny made a beautiful necklace that took a really long time.

Michael had fun with the hoola hoops. He kept telling me that they were circles.
He even mastered some two hoop tricks. hee hee.

So Big! I wish this picture was from the other side.

I love this face.
Stella, the Diva.

Proof that Dominic and Sean were there. They ran off and went and saw the big planes and went inside them and what not. Stella and Penny were more interested in the kids crafts so we just stayed put.
This lady, bless her heart, needed some serious art skills. The kids didn't care but I had to look away to keep myself from giggling.

The fake tattoo table was a BIG hit. I put a whale on Michael's arm and he hugged and kissed and loved on that thing till it came off. His favorite animal is definitely a whale. At night, when I put him down for bed I usually sit in the rocker and feed him his bottle until he's done. Then he used to snuggle into my chest and fall asleep. Lately though, he puts his head down for a mere second or two and then says, "whale, whale, whale." Which means he wants me to put him in his crib so he can snuggle with his rainbow whale. He uses it as a body pillow that he hugs and nestles on top of. Its so stinking cute but that darn rainbow whale is stealing my loves!

It was a great show, but next time....we'll be more prepared (with more than a stroller and some snacks.)

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