Monday, August 29, 2011

Time Capsule

My brother took some old negatives from my parents house and had them put on CD at Costco. I'm so happy that he did. I've never seen some of these pictures before and its so fun to see my parents in their beginnings. Some of these pictures almost brought tears to my eyes knowing how much happiness they had captured on several rolls of film. Without digital photography I imagine you had to take pictures sparingly. You didn't shoot 200 photos of Christmas, you took 5 and hoped that some turned out. I'm so glad these never got lost, damaged or destroyed in one way or another. These are gems.

My parents look like kids on horses! They are probably in their early 20's I'm guessing. So fun to see them this young as I don't remember seeing very many pictures of them so young and I certainly don't recall those years (I wasn't born yet!).

I now know where Michael gets his set of cheeks. I absolutely LOVE this picture.
I have always thought my parents are beautiful people...but again, I don't remember these years very well. I love that we are all dressed up, no doubt in our Sunday best, with our Christmas stockings hung in the background. I'm probably almost 2 here.

This picture looks like my brother Nephi and I standing next to each other holding my son, Michael In a dress). hee hee. But, its of course, my mom and Dad holding me.

This was a picture I remember seeing many times. It never gets old.
Pug nose size 7 months no doubt.

I love these next ones too. This is an amazing photo shoot considering there are 6 kids in it and no adults.

Wow, we must have been such well behaved kids, we are always looking at the camera.... again, my cheeks (I'm sitting on my mom's lap with my brother Sam in my lap).

And yes, no stroll down memory lane is complete without a picture of my mullet differential. Thank you mom for always giving me what I wanted. Nephi, I loved that shirt of fact, I secretly wished that it would have fit me whenever you wore it. Sam, your boys are your clone. Dad, you only look a little like Sadam in this picture. I love my family. We were only 1 child short in this photo (Joe wasn't born yet).

Thanks Jon, for sending these out. 
Thats all for now!

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Merilee said...

haha. That Sadam comment made me laugh. Your kiddos look a lot like you!