Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Play time

I found some princess polly pockets at a garage sale the other day and so Penny has really been into playing with them again. She begged Dad to come and play with her the other day and bless his heart, he did. It was a moment I never wanted to forget.
I love Penny at this age.
Look at how amazingly cute this is. Sean tried to park the car in a different location and Penny said with all kinds of expression, "Daaaaaaad, thats where the kitchen is supposed to be."
Duh Daddy.

At the pool the other day Michael really wanted MY yogurt so I caved and let him have it. He made a mess!
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, he insists on feeding himself. He kept saying, "mmmmmm" so I know he liked it.

He got a little bit on his shorts and was all worried about it. Hahaha....uh, Michael, have you seen your face and hands?

I took him to the shower to rinse him off. Greek yogurt doesn't just fall off quite like regular yogurt, I actually had to scrub a little. But its worth it, its so yummy.
We went to the school to let the kids ride around on Friday before Eva came. Penny also learned how to walk across the jungle gym on these. She was a bit timid but really proud that she could be so brave. The tricky thing about these is that they don't stand firm, but move under your feet a little.

Michael kept grunting and trying to climb this thing.

Penny liked pushing the button for Michael at the water fountain.

She's such a good helper. Do you think she likes pink?

We got some more fun shots of her riding her bike.

I love the intensity in her face.

And the nonchalant swagger of the bike here and her hair in the breeze.

Michael stopped to pick things up like this pine cone. He also found a toothpick. Gross.

He walked over the 4-square letters and then did a u-turn and stopped by them and started signing his ABC's. That's one smart kiddo!
He liked that we noticed and reaffirmed that he knew they were letters and he kept coming back to them.

Penny asking Michael if he wanted to go get some more water. She's so good to him.

We have got some serious use out of this walker with Michael. He can walk on his own now, but he still likes to push this around when we go places because he can get somewhere fast and without falling. Its tons of fun to see him turn it because he's really quick.

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