Sunday, August 28, 2011


All 3of my kids dressed in their Sunday best. Typical picture, nobody looking at the camera.  =)

She's so heavenly when sleeping (she's heavenly when awake too....just extra squishy and peaceful with her eyes closed and her lips all smushy.)

This is Sean's sister Courtney and her mini-me. We were so happy when she told us she was coming to visit. We didn't tell the kids, just that a surprise was coming that evening. All Penny could do was giggle when she arrived and Dominic was pleased to see her. She was kind/brave enough to sleep in the tent with the kids at Gma's (minus Michael) the first night. She stayed up late with us the next night and played Settles of Catan with Dominic and I after Penny and Michael went down for the night. Courtney is always fun to have around.

We went to Lotus Park for family home evening and picked blackberries. Well, I picked 3 baskets of blackberries while Sean and the kids played in the river. They met up with me and munched on a few. I didn't wear pants so my legs were pretty scratched up. Sooooo worth it though....I love picking berries.

School this week was just fine. I switched Dominic's Language arts curriculum to Easy Grammer and English, The First Language. I like these so much better than Writing With Ease and am really happy we made the switch. I also was able to stop using Houghton Mifflin Math (what they use in the schools) as our Life of Fred books came. He's really enjoying them and learning quite fast! If he keeps a steady pace he should be ready for the pre-algebra book by January. We have hit a few bumps now and then when a lesson drags out for too long (because he's going too slow usually) but I've stuck to my guns and redirected him and helped him recognize burnout and address it. He's learned that in the middle of the day, a fruit smoothie helps wake him up and rejuvinate him. Taking a 10 minute break to make a cold smoothie takes less time than slothfully moving through a lesson. He really is enjoying it and I'm finding that I'm more calm than I've ever been.

Penny loves her Explode the code book and can do many of them all by herself now. She loves this page the most where you have a picture of say, a can, and then you have to circle the letters to write the word and then write the word. She loves it, loves it, loves it. Sometimes she likes to write a letter WAAAAAAAY too big just so that she can erase it. So funny.

She does these all by herself with a little direction at the beginning from me. She amazes me.

I love that she also has the arm pieces to her Belle costume.

This is what happens to Dominic's face during burnout. Hee hee


Nikki said...

OH my gosh Penny's on ETC 1!! Did you do A, B and C with her? She is really advanced! I'll be looking forward to reading homeschool advice from you on the blog because I really need it! I like the smoothie idea! That's great. I've heard that the Fred books for math are terrific! Can't wait to use them one day. It's all so exciting :)

Katie said...

I skipped A, B and C with her because she's been doing hooked on phonics since March or so (slowly...I haven't pushed her on this, she was just ready and wanted to. We move at her pace) and was already past the skills in those books. I figured if it was too hard and she resisted we could back up, but she is doing fine. Sometimes she blasts through 2 or 3 pages and sometimes she only does half a page. Sometimes she doesn't want to do them at all. We just do whatever she wants at this point....but yeah, she pretty much blows my mind sometimes.

We LOVE the Life of Fred books. I seriously think Dominic is learning leaps and bounds beyond what he would be learning in the classroom. Its awesome and he really enjoys the rhetoric. If he follows the same rate of progression through the lessons, he'll have finished the Pre-Algebra book by the end of the year. Ridiculous.

We also love Easy Grammar. Such a good program. This week he was able to find a prepositional phrase in a sentence and correctly identify the preposition and object of the preposition. I didn't even know how to do that (until I taught him).

Aaaaaaaaaah, so many wonderful things to love about having him home this year. My life feels so calm right now......