Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Iron Fan and EVA JANE!

My sister came and visited. She is flying up to pick up Dominic and on her way up she made a stop here so that she and I could go watch my brother Nephi compete in a Full Distance Triathlon (the Vineman) in Guerneville, Ca. So Friday night I picked my sister up just after 11pm and we drove just over 2 more hours northwest to Guerneville and pulled into my brothers hotel parking lot and slept in the car for 2 hours. There was no way we were going to wake him up the night before his race.

I enjoyed the whole hour or so we had with Nephi driving to and getting ready for the race to begin. We got to laugh and chat and with he and Eva in the same vicinity it was like I had hired comedians to follow me around. I laughed all morning.
Nothing better than some good old Hirt humor to start your morning.

It was really neat spectating the event. He swam 2.5 miles then jumped on his bike and rode for 112 miles and then strapped on his running shoes and ran for 26.2 miles and he did it all in 12 hours and 21 minutes.
It was absolutely insane AND incredible.
I got tired watching. =)
I am so proud of Nephi!  Here are some picture to prove that we were there and that he did it.

Its funny how you'll sit and wait for hours (cheering and encouraging everyone that passes by to keep it up!) for a glimpse of "your athlete" to go by so you can holler and scream like like only an Iron Fan does (WE were the best Iron Fans out there). Its mad photography skills like that of Eva Jane that can get pictures like this one of Nephi biking. I saw a lady out with a huge camera and after "her athlete" zoomed by she checked her photos and about cried because she missed him. Eva has a little point and shoot.  =)

And Eva joined him in his last 9 mile loop run to make sure he didn't bonk and quit. So glad she was there. I knew I would see them again when they ran off together.

This picture is proof that I was there. Funny story about the shirts. I bought some iron on transfers to make some shirts to cheer him on. I printed them at home, cut them out, and got them out at the hotel to put on the shirts that Eva brought. Aaaaaaaaand as soon as I did so, I realized that I did not print them as mirror images and so the writing would all be backwards. Oops.
Sharpies did the trick though.
Go Nephi!

You could tell when someone was mormon cuz they'd look at your shirt and then give you a cheesy smile like they knew something we didn't know. Well guess what? We can tell you're mormon when you look at us like that. So funny.

I couldn't help but laugh with the runner who went by on his second lap and said, "Are you not cheering for Laman and Lemuel?" Yep, you must be mormon too.
Again, GO NEPHI!

I made/repurposed him this medal. It WAS a soccer player on his back doing a kick but I cut the ball off, turned him over (superglued him in place) and added a race bib and mullet and added some gold paint. We wrote his number on the race bib and his name on the face plate.
It was awesome, except for the fact that I broke it right after I gave it to him.
(nothing a little superglue can't fix  but yeah. =)

Other news with Eva coming is that it means that our paper chain is getting very short. Penny remember almost every day to take off one link. There are a few days here and there that she forgets, but she usually remembers before I do. We're down to 6 days. In her prayers she says thinks like, "thank you that our chain is duper short now and that Dominic will come home safely."

Penny has taught herself how to twist her hair. She puts little twists in and then brings me a hair tie. Eva humored her and let her do her hair also. She said the commentary was priceless. With every "braid" she would comment on how amazing it looked. 

She is so good about letting Michael play with her. She sometimes gets annoyed because he doesn't understand boundaries, but she is learning how to deal with that by redirecting him to something else so that she can enjoy whatever else it was she wanted to do.

This guy liked Eva a lot. He let her feed and snuggle anytime she wanted.

Its rare that I get a picture with my siblings and I don't remember the last time I had a picture with JUST Eva, so I insisted. =) You could say we're related.   
When Eva was talking to Dominic on the phone he giggled because she sounded so much like me. It happens.

This is our only proof that Eva and Sean were ever around at the same time. =) Penny was hugging Daddy goodnight with all kinds of intensity.

Penny is a sucker for a good story, especially if it has a princess in it. 

We were so happy that it worked out for you to stay for a few days before you leave to Alaska.
Come back again soon!


Eva Jane said...

I loved every minute of it!

Julia Harps said...

wish I was there! what a good time.

Spencer said...

That is the most awkward looking run I have ever seen (the trophy guy, not Nephi) hehe.