Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home School

I have no pictures to post, but rather my recordings of our first week of home school. We got a lot accomplished. In fact, I'm sure its the most learning Dominic has ever done in one week. We don't have all our curriculum yet, so we really just focused just on what we did have on hand; scriptures, math, typing, art, PE and some language arts with spelling.

We start with scripture reading each morning. So far, he just reads one whole chapter as they have all been a good length. He then has a huge art pad that has each page divided into 4 sections and he draws what he read in the chapter with a caption of what his drawing is. He loves art so this has been a great way to express his art skills and do some reading comprehension. We also get to talk about scripture concepts and stories and he is really into it. I've read right along with him, moving to General Conference talks and other type readings as he finishes up his chapter. Its been the perfect way to start our morning.

I bought a Type Right II a  month or so ago knowing that he loves typing with (I didn't want him on the computer doing it) and he has really blown me away with how well he has picked it up. He has home-row down pat and can type 12 WPM with 93% accuracy using those keys. Very awesome for his first week.

Math has been review so far, this next week we'll actually step into more math that he has to learn. I'm excited for that, he's really good at math and it will be fun to see him go at his own pace.

We went on a few bike rides to get some exercise in in the middle of schooling. All the kids enjoyed that and it wasn't too hot because it was still early-ish.

Explode the Code has been really fun for him and Penny has even joined us for her own Explode The Code Workbook too. She's working on workbook 1 and doing it just fine (I think thats a 1st grade workbook?) I've made her stop a few times so she doesn't burn out half way through a page. Dominic laughs at all the silly things they come up with but at this point, its pretty easy. I'm thinking of pulling vocabulary words from it because we've come across a few that he doesn't know what they mean. I like these books.

Writing With Ease is where we struggle. He use to love them, but this year he's fighting me about doing them. I might have to re-think using them. Friday was our first day where he burned out before our break and actually started shutting down. Uh-oh, honeymoon over.  He took a break and then picked up right where he left off and didn't even get upset when I pointed out corrections. But its just not worth it when there are so many great programs out there, we'll just have to see if something else works better for him. I have other curriculum that I could use in its place, but its not here yet. We'll see how this one goes.

Thursday we did schoolwork for just over an hour and then he headed off to Six Flags with another home-schooling family. I sent him with paper and pen to take notes on some things and he did. He even told me he counted all the teeth in the sharks mouth, one by one, because he wanted to write down how many teeth a shark had. Just in case you wondered, the specific one he counted had 80 teeth. That made me giggle to imagine my 9 year old standing there for 4 minutes or so counting teeth. So cute.

Overall, it was a great home-schooling week! Here's to the rest of the year ahead of us! Bring it on!!

I feel organized, relaxed and accomplished at the end of my day as opposed to what I thought would be chaos and stress if you had asked me what kind of home school experience I might expect to have a few years ago. We're definitely ready for this chapter and its been so good to have Dominic home!


Jenny said...

I didn't realize you were going to homeschool him this year. I am homeschooling Nathan (yes he is a 9th grader)this year. The school year starts on Wednesday of this coming week. It is the first year that I am not having stomach aches, worry, and an all together hopeless feeling about him starting the school year (not to mention what he usually goes through each day of school). There is such a calm and content feeling. The fact that he is totally okay with it tells me something too. We couldn't go through another year of teachers not following his IEP and them feeling okay about it while he suffered. He has lost his love of certain subjects because of it. You will have to email me and let me know the details. I am curious about California hs law. Good luck. It has been interesting navagating the homeschooling community and where we fit in exactly. Abby will be attending the middle school here and is very excited to start. I will keep you updated. We will keep you in our prayers and maybe you could do the same for us. Give me an email so we can talk!

Cristin said...

You have a type right!! My parents bought me one of those when I was 10 years old. I learned how to type SO fast on that thing.

Julia Harps said...

I think the scriptures as part of the curriculum is such a great idea! That is really the ideal way to educate. Sounds like you have an awesome year ahead. :)