Thursday, July 07, 2011

More randoms!

We went on a bike ride. Michael loves his helmet and signs/says hat while wearing it.

His chubby cheeks coming out by the straps are almost too much to see. Actually they are too much, I had to kiss on them for like 5 minutes before we could go for our ride. He absolutely loved riding the bike and didn't mind the wind in his face at all.
Penny had a long day and needed to go to bed. However, it wasn't bed time so I told her to go get a pullup on and pajamas and then we'd read some books on the couch (knowing that she would just fall asleep after the 5th book or so). She did not like that at all and went and threw a fit in her bathroom. She would let out short bursts of noises just to let us know that she was still mad. "Ehhh, Eehhhh, Eeehhhh"  It only lasted for about 3 minutes and then we found her like this.

Penny had 3 sisters over to play for the whole day and we had a great time! Everyone wanted to paint so we got a long piece of paper and everyone had a plate of paints. They got their hands messy and thoroughly enjoyed painting, though I think they had more fun washing the paint off in the spigot outside.

We then went on a walk to a grassy field. Many stops were had and their imaginations ran wild! These girls are the easiest to watch even though there are 3 of them!

They rolled and rolled and ran and ran and rolled and ran and ran......but they never got tired!

So we came home and popped some popcorn and watched a movie while I prepared dinner. They stayed for dinner and cookies and then headed home. It was an awesome afternoon!

Great Grandma entertained Penny yesterday by reading from The Beauty and The Beast that we had started the day before. Penny listened to this story so intently. I love how Penny's hand is on GGma's arm in this picture.

She helped me wash the dishes the other day and did quite well washing Michael's high chair tray. I didn't need to do it over at all. Good job Penny!

Someone is starting to walk, though its still quite haphazardly.

His climbing ability is uncanny. His favorite thing to do is push the little footstool near a light switch and then stand on the stool and turn the light on and off. He LOVES to push buttons (no pun intended). And thats an understatement.
Sweet sweet Michael. 

Funny side note here to blogging. I can never type Michael's name right the first time it always comes out Michale.....EVERY TIME. I should have picked an easier name to type for me (kidding). 

Penny and I started reading Beauty and The Beast a few days ago. I got these for Dominic but she has been so inthralled by them. This one was 194 pages and we read it in 2 days in about 45 minute increments. She listened the whole time....until she fell asleep that is.
4th of July parade had Penny on her tricycle. I wish she would have rode her new bike we got her, but she's boycotting it. Oh well. Michael pushed his walker but we somehow missed getting a picture of that (he was done by the time the parade started).

I only have one more post to do before I'm caught up. Whew! Blogging is hard work when you get behind!


Julia Harps said...

I almost chewed on my computer monitor when I saw Michael in that helmet! He is so cute!

Eva Jane said...

Those Michael cheeks are nice and ready for me to eat! I love how everyone looks a little sunkissed. See you soooooon!