Monday, July 11, 2011


I put Michael in the cart after he had JUST fallen asleep in the car. Apparently he was still really sleepy. He woke up right after I shot this video, he's so sweet. Don't mind the scolding at the beginning of the video.

Out of nowhere in the car Michael started trying to sign the alphabet today. I immediately knew what he was trying to do and pulled out the camera and started signing away with him. Apparently I can only do 2 things at once though (filming and paying attention to Michael) because Penny should have gotten some praise as well! She did quite well signing many of the letters all on her own. Good job Penny! Please forgive me for not noticing.


Julia Harps said...

that's amazing! and so cute!

Eva Jane said...

He is too cute... and so is that Penny girl!

annie said...

awesome! :O) I love Penny's "lmnop" signs really fast! So great. My kids have lost interest with ST these days and it's kinda sad. I kinda miss it... kinda. The rainbow song can really get stuck in my head and I don't miss that at all.