Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sly Creek Reservoir Camping

Sean's cousins plan a yearly camping trip the weekend before the 4th of July weekend. They have a group of friends that always go up and just whoever wants to join the party. Some of them have been going for 20+ years. One lady I talked to is part of the family who found the lake. Anyways, it reminds me of our childhood tradition of Olnes Pond except on larger scale. We love going. We have a great time boating, eating and soaking up the sun and enjoying all the company of family and people around us!

We got there late late late on Friday night (Sean had a tummy bug and took a nap to get rid of it, then he woke up with a headache so we got a late start). We set up our tent in the dark and went to bed shortly afterwards. It was a really cold night and Michael had to sleep with me and was really restless. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well, but really whats camping when you get a good nights rest? It just isn't camping. =) We sandwiched Penny in between our mattresses on a really soft blanket in her sleeping bag and that kept her perfectly in her bag all night (otherwise she rolls out of it.
I got Penny a sun hat this summer in her favorite color (pink!). I love it on her but will have to perhaps make a tie so that it doesn't come off in the wind.

My hat on the other hand is completely dorky, but fully functional. I love this hat (though I feel like a tourist wearing it...what can I expect? I bought it at the San Diego Zoo).

The water was absolutely perfect and the scenery breathtaking.
These pink binoculars were a hit with Penny too. Dianne almost didn't get them back.

On Saturday, Michael took a nap in his carseat (outside the car). He slept like this for at least 2 hours.

Penny needed a nap too but threw a fit when we made her take one (I was inside the tent with her taking a nap too due to my lack of sleep the night before). I told her to stay in the tent and Sean took this picture on  from the outside of her protesting my directions. Stinker.

Michael played with water inside the back of a truck. We gave him some cups, some large spoons and let him have at it! This entertained him for quite a while. he loves the water.

She lost the fight for her nap and slept for a good 2 hours or more.

Post nap, she was a much happier girler.

Both Sean Matteson's on the back of the boat with Anam wake boarding behind.

Michael fell asleep all snug as a bug in his life jacket.

He's pretty sweet.

I love how it made his cheeks bigger.....we didn't know it was possible (talking about Michael).
He was interested in the water at the back of the boat but only for a few seconds.

Then he was thrilled to walk along the railing on the inside of the boat.

Penny and Stella blew bubbles from the front of the boat. Penny calls this hairstyle her "rooster hair"

He got really interested in something. There were about 5 boats hooked together for snacks at the middle of the day before dinner time. Just a fun tradition they have. All the food gets passed around from boat to boat and everybody just sits and talks while others swim to shore and try the rope swing (eeek! its really high!)

Uncle Doug (Actually, its Sean's cousin) let Michael help him drive the boat. Little did he know that Michael would catch on and actually be able to push and pull the throttle on his own. Needless to say, it took us a while to get back to shore.

One hand on the wheel and one on the throttle.

I love this picture, Doug laughing hysterically because Michael is exerting all his strength on the throttle and winning! 

Amanda was gracious enough to help keep Penny warm at the front of the boat on the way back as it was a bit windy. I love this picture for some reason.

Pretty girler.

Back at camp that night, everyone just relaxed around the fire.

Michael enjoys an apple as part of his breakfast the next morning. I love his morning face.

Ooh, this string looks like fun. He's still munching on his apple.

till next year!


Julia Harps said...

what a fun trip!

annie said...

oh my goodness what a FUN weekend!! I love Michael's cheeks as well shoved upwards in his life jacket! Looks like a LOT of fun!