Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Random goodness

So these pictures are singles that don't fit in their own post so I've lumped them all together because I still love them enough to preserve what was happening!

Penny is my California girl. She claims to be cold in 90 degree weather and insists on wearing pants until the 2 o'clock hour runs around. Since this picture she has graduated to a bike with training wheels after a failed attempt at using a balance bike (failed meaning she didn't want to do it. She was actually quite good at it. Oh well, on to the next child it will go!). She decided the training wheels weren't so bad after all.

She has also since learned that she needs to push her helmet forward. I had to buy her a helmet aged for 5+ and sew in some extra padding. Because of her head shape she can't even fit a helmet that is supposed to be for her age.
Michael LOVES signing time. He asks for it several times a day and he usually gets at least one signing time video if not two throughout the day. It makes for one smart cookie and gives me some time to get things done.

Vampire wink. 
They are deadly

Penny's post bathtime curls are great but her kisses are even better!
Penny decided that we all needed to go for a hunt for her books. She was waiting for Cassie to come over to see them....unfortunately that was still a few days away so we had to put them away. She's so funny. Each step had a book and then there were a few in the hallway too. 

Dominic did a drawing in scouts before he left. I absolutely LOVE this picture.

NO, it was not this hot outside but my car, sitting in the sun thought it should be this hot. The fact that my thermometer said it was this hot meant it was at least 100 though......so stinking hot! Good thing we had spent the afternoon in the pool at the gym and were on our way home.
I love it when my kids do things like this together. Penny is reading to Michael although I think he's reading a book of his own too. 

We were at a birthday party for a friend when Benecia, a friend of mine, busted out signing time videos for Michael on her iphone. Little did she know that she would make a friend for life by doing so. He was asking for signing time a little later when he saw another girl with dark hair and a plaid shirt. 

Penny in her element playing in her kitchen. She gets so busy sometimes in there making and packing for picnics. I hope this creativity never ends.

Michael loves to color on the easel. The problem is that he only remembers about it when Penny starts to color and well.....he always messes up her picture. So I usually try to distract him with putting the caps on until she is done and then he gets to scribble away too. 

Penny took a picture of the big spider on our floor. She was so dissapointed that our camera couldn't get a better picture of it I kept hearing, "aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhh" while I was in the kitchen and could not stop laughing when she told me what was wrong. I so make that noise when things aren't going as planned.
I love it when Penny just draws something just because she's obviously happy. 

Michael was crawling around in the buff and couldn't help but stop and kiss his brother. I've left this picture on the floor so that he can see it all day long and whenever he passes it he puts his hands out and makes question noises as if to say, "Where is Dominic? Where did he go? What happened to him?" Then he'll lean in and give him a kiss. 

He'll also point out that there is a baby and will tickle Penny.

I'll  have to take a picture of the glass towards the last week that he's gone, its bound to get quite slobbery and fingerprinted over the course of the summer.

Drawing in the buff is always fun. I love all his chub from the wrist roll, to the long bottom and the behind-the-knee squish, he's just perfect.

We made chocolate chocolate chip cookies and Penny ate one just before our phone call with Dominic. She didn't even know her face was a mess. 

"Aren't these pretty girls mom?" 
"Ooooooooooohhh Penny, yes they are very pretty."

Michael is just trying to not get distracted from his signing time movie while Penny is trying to lovingly get him to look at the camera. I loved that they were both in pajamas cuddling with each other.. 

Pretty girler.

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