Friday, July 22, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

My sister sent me a CD of pictures we had taken when Dominic was a baby (so about 8 years ago). In looking at them I can see that Michael and Dominic look an eency bit alike. Dominic is probably exactly Michael's age in these pictures.

The photographer did a horrible job on our family pictures. I'm not even kidding, but there were a couple goods ones....barely.

This was my favorite picture from the shoot. I had it framed large and it was on my wall in my apartment at BYU. That and a picture of Christ were the only things on my wall in my living room.

I see a resemblance of Michael, but can't tell if its just because they are the same age, both babies or what. A less biased eye might be able to tell me what the similarities are if any. So, do you think they look alike (though they both look like carbon copies of their dad's to me)

I was so annoyed with my hairstyle for these photos. This wasn't my favorite (way swooped over bangs) but the sunburn I got on top of my forehead, by my bangs, the day before at the strawberry farm made it a necessity. You can see the sunburn peeking out of my bangs in this picture. It was seriously bright red!

Here is a picture of ALL my siblings (again, this was 8 years ago, not a recent photo). Its a very rare occasion that we are all in the same place anymore. =) Why would you line us up like this....and sadly this isn't the worst one, you should see the one where she staggered our heads left and right.....nope, I'm not going to show it to you.

And another one. My, could she not see us? Why are we arranged so hodge podge?
Spencer must have thought we were still staggering our heads.
Oh well, history nonetheless

This was the best WHOLE GROUP photo of the batch (Mom and Dad, 10 kids and spouses and grandchildren) and its not that great......I'm glad we had these taken though, I don't have many pictures at all of this time in my life but to have all of us together and have a picture was unheard of. 
Can I just shout from the rooftops

One thing I can't remember. Why were we all in Southern California at this time? 12 people don't get to the same place (when half are coming down from Alaska and some over from Utah) out of sheer coincidence. Does anyone remember?
My guess is Jon and Maggie's sealing?

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Eva Jane said...

I can't believe how little the Dominator was! He does look a little like Michael but I think I'm like you, it might be just because he's little and chubby :) Those pictures of the family are lame... that lady wasn't all that great at getting a good group shot! Thanks for the blast down memory lane!!