Thursday, July 14, 2011


Michael insists on feeding himself as of late. He loves spoons. He will use a fork occasionally too, but he prefers a spoon over anything.....and to hear him say it melts us every time.

The only problem is, makes a mess.
But the price to learn can sometimes get messy, as is life.
He's signing and saying bath because that's right where I suggested we go after he was done eating. He had yogurt everywhere (nostrils, ears, and in between all those cute little fingers.

I snapped this picture of Penny wearing my hat. She has been so fun to play with when Michael goes down for his naps. We get a lot of time to clean together, color together and pretend together. She's so silly. Today while riding bikes, she told me that pedaling was making her legs hard. I love how kids describe things (like the burn in your legs when you're going uphill).

Jump Jump. She was pretending to be me and was giving directions to nobody. Which was funny, because sometimes that's how I feel....I'm giving directions and nobody is listening! =)

He takes up Great Grandma Mattesons whole lap! He sure loves snuggling on her.

Michael loves trying to drink out of the hose or the spigget. It makes me laugh to watch him try to figure out how to position his head so that the water will hit his mouth just right. He's gotten it in his eye and nose trying.

Again, with the feeding himself thing. Usually quesadilla's are eaten with our hands, but he insists on a spoon.....which wasn't working and so he settled for a fork. He's pretty good at it actually.....if only his mouth were bigger so he could fit that piece in there? 

This is Michael's concentration face. He's talking, mumbling really. I wish I knew what he was saying all the time. Its always pretty cute.

He's such a happy baby!

Penny wanted to nap on Dominic's bed the other day so I let her. She snuggled with his big blue frog. I sent Dominic a picture of it. Hee hee.

Sean and I went on a date to watch the Season 10 top 11 singers on American Idol, live and in concert. It was a lot of fun. We didn't watch the season (we've only ever watched 1 season) but it was a lot of fun anyways. Sean won the tickets from a contest they had at work. We were in a booth with our own bathroom and waitress. It was fun!

FYI: Sean has amazing eyebrows. 

I'll spare you any of the videos or pictures we got from the concert. Just know it was really, really good! We both thought that James Durbin was the best performer. It was unreal and brought us to our feet. Our other favorites were Casey Abrams, Hayley Rinehart and Lauren Alaina. Scotty (the winner of season 10) was okay, but not as great a performer. Hands down, based on "tonights performance" James Durbin would have won! =)

Thanks Sean for a fun night. 

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