Monday, July 25, 2011


Oh, nothing super exciting except SOME DELICIOUS PICTURES.

Penny wrote Dominic a letter. She loves putting it in the mailbox "All by myself!"

Pioneer Day was absolutely fun. We have to take this walker anywhere we go otherwise Michael gets frustrated that he can't walk fast and won't walk. He can get around REALLY fast with this and is really gaining confidence in his steps. He walks more than he crawls anymore. 

I love this gleeful run.
He liked the smooth wood on this bench and kept rubbing it saying "Oh soft. Oh soft!"

Love him.

Penny had 2 snowcones and 1 cotton candy. Yum. It was a hot evening but the breeze from the river felt wonderful.

After we got home Penny was all sorts of wired still so we took some pictures of different faces. This was her nothing face

Her happy face

Her grumpy face

Her surprised face

Her "oooh" face. She's funny.

We were trying to capture her uuvula and she was thrilled that she has one too. She then proceeded to gag herself to see if she could touch it. We had a good laugh.

She then wanted to take some pictures of Sean and I. She laughed hysterically after she took this one, she could hardly hold up the camera after she saw it, she was so giggly.

I love him. She took this one too.

The next morning she woke up with some CA-RAZY HAIR!

I loved these little wings on Michael's head and his sleepy eyes. He JUST woke up from his nap.

Sweet chubba.

He loves to play bopit....he's really good at getting 1. He does the bopit button and thats it.

More letters to Dominic.  She will never need mascara.

On Sunday I put Michael down on my bed with his plug while I finished getting ready. He just lay there watching the fan go around and around. He pulled off his socks and a few minutes later he was fast asleep.

He hung onto the sock for dear life. 

We have a doorknob on our pantry that isn't round, its long and easy for a child to open (gonna change that!). Michael has figured out how to open it and while we had company over and were all chatting in the living room, Michael helped himself to my flour and marshmallows.

It was too cute to be upset. I'm just glad it wasn't the sugar. 

I love the powdered legs. I had to hide the marshmallows now that he knows what they taste like. 

I realized after Penny took these pictures of me why I didn't cringe when I saw them. Normally, I don't like pictures of me. Or rather, I don't feel like I photograph well. However, I figured out that when I keep up with plucking my eyebrows, I feel like my eyes photograph better and eyes really make a picture.

Alas, we'll see if I can keep up with the bushy things........they like to grow and grow and grow!  =)
After all, I am a hearty Alaskan girl. 


Eva Jane said...

I want Penny's eyelashes and I want to chew on Michael's cheeks!

Nikki said...

Penny's sunglasses and pink hat at P. Day are so adorable! Her faces are priceless :)

momhirt said...

i have always thought that you were super photogenic. and for a girlie who started out with NO eyebrows, they turned out very well! great pics of the kids. i didn't see dominic yesterday because i was at fishcamp. hopefully i will next week. love you.