Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Laughing kids

These were taken earlier tonight. Penny and Michael were wired and loopy until after 10pm. We love nights like this.

Unfortunately, Michael woke up after he'd been asleep for an hour.  I had just gotten him to re-settle in and he was almost asleep again when Sean did an ultimate no-no and said something to me super quietly, which with Michaels radar ears he may as well have screamed it. Michael is still awake and it is past midnight. Thanks Sean, thanks.  Michael seems to be having issues with getting himself to sleep at night....its like the 4th night in a row that he can't pacify himself and fall asleep. Once asleep he's fine.......but getting him to that point is, for now, NOT FUN. So since he's been crying off and on for about an hour, I'll probably put down the computer and cuddle him to sleep. Ridiculous....he's never been like this (and he's already cut his molars so its not that). He'll figure it out though (or should I say we'll figure it out).
Goodnight all!

*** went in and found him sitting upright. The reason for his intermittent crying was just as he was falling asleep he would catch himself from falling over and sit back up and cry. He seriously has been up there doing that for almost an hour...what a fighter. I gently leaned him backwards on his back, he started to protest and try to get up but I put my hand on his belly and rubbed it till his eyes shut. It took about 5 minutes. Makes me wish I had a camera in there sometimes.

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Sean said...

He finally fell asleep just after 3 AM. Just enough time for me to get about 40 minutes of sleep before work.