Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fathers Day

So I know I'm a little late in posting, but seriously....we've just been playing too much for me to worry about blogging. My house is almost always a bit messy these days as we've just been going going going and only home long enough to dump our stuff down before we go again. Today, I finally stayed home for once in the last 7 days.  So, time to blog.

Father's Day was perfect. Michael and I (Penny wouldn't wake up) made Sean pancakes and bacon with apples and orange juice to eat in bed. Michael gave Dad all 3 cards that we had for him. Michael's was a fishy card that he fell in love with in the store and bent up just special for Dad. 

The primary children at church were adorable singing songs to the Fathers. I asked Penny not to put her hands on her cheeks with the elbows on the edge of the stand and sing and so this time she instead swung her hips left and right a little and tilted her head and sang with enthusiasm. It was quite funny.

After church we geared up for a relaxing afternoon. Michael quietly played while Sean took a nap.

Its every fathers dream to find their strapping young boy playing with their sisters makeup, even if it was pretend. The fact that he knew what to do with that brush made it all the funnier. 


When Daddy woke up, he and Penny had a picnic in the living room where he was served his favorite; tomato sandwich.

Michael had to join in on the fun too.


I had the ribs cooking in the crock pot all day in a little bbq sauce and then reglazed in more bbq sauce just before putting them on the Q. They are super yummy this way. We love ribs at this house and I've never had better ribs (even at a restaurant).

Penny kept pinching Sean with her toes that night. She was being quite silly.

And by silly I mean absolutely, positively loopy.


She and Stella both traced their hands and wrote a word inside it. Love it!


Penny's fathers day card to
Dad was one she picked out just for him


and she wrote on the inside everyone in the family. 
See if you can find Mom, Dad, Penny and 2 sons (or suns..hee hee. She is seriously too much sometimes)

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