Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Blacktop

The Blacktop at Blue Oak Elementary is the perfect place for Penny to ride bike and Michael to cruise with his walker. We were there for over 30 minutes and really could have stayed longer if it hadn't have been for our stomachs growling.

These two loved chasing each other around the blacktop. They giggled and squealed in delight with each passing. It was music to our ears.
I could seriously eat this picture. Her long, spindly, polka dotted legs and pig tails are just awesome! I think I have a new favorite picture of Penny.

Daddy was instructing Penny how to approach the ramp. I was leaving enough room in the picture for her to go zooming off the edge of it!

Michael chased her around everywhere, he was actually pretty good at keeping up sometimes. He can really get going quite fast on that thing.

Whats up chubba?
He would yell, "Go, go go go!"

The wind was blowing (see his hair standing on end) and so he had to stop and sign/say wind. He amazes me with how many signs he knows. I've lost count. Its in the mid hundreds somewhere, I'm sure.
See the delight on both their faces? It was an awesome day at the blacktop.

Head down and he's going for it.

I love his jowls in this one.

Her face was quite red by the end of her riding. She had a great time and is getting quite confident on her "pedal bike"


Eva Jane said...

Those are awesome pictures! One and a half weeks and I'll be chewing on those cheeks!

Courtney M. said...

I think your new favorite picture is also mine. I have been showing it off like crazy!