Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Favorite People

My sister was in town a few months back to bring Dominic back from his Spring Break visit in Alaska. She’s a photographer and took the opportunity to do our family photos! We were SO INCREDIBLY blown away by our photos. I absolutely love them. How will I ever narrow down which ones to print???

These are my favorite people

Oh, our sweet Dominic. He has stolen the heart of so many with his kind nature and witty sense of humor. He serves others and is a hard worker. He’s a good helper around the house and a great friend to those he plays with. He is one smart cookie with a love for science and math. He’s a boy on a mission to do so many great things in the world. He’s a great leader and we can’t wait to have him home more this year! I’m so excited for what this school year will bring for us.
I cannot believe how much he has grown.
And then there is our sweet, curly haired, Penny Grace. No words can describe her fairly enough. She is brilliant, funny, caring and kind…..she can also be a stinker. And OH THE CURLS! If I got a nickel for every time someone complimented her curly hair I’d be rich.DSC_9510
This picture only partly depicts her vivacity.
Those chocolate eyes melt me.
I don’t want Michael to ever grow up. He’s our sweet tempered little chubba. He is very smart and pays attention to detail, learning sign language quickly. He listens intensely to what we say and has an uncanny ability to notice people and show affection. He’s a lover and will lean in to hug people when I’m talking to them. I like to think that he’s in tune with what people need around him and he immediately responds. He especially loves the elderly and is often found trying to crawl out of my lap to say hello to them.
Anything he’s eating gets shared with someone, even strangers passing by.
His double chin melts me.
Now that I’m done nursing Michael (yes you heard that right. This week was the week) this picture captures so much even though he’s not actually nursing. He was always a distracted eater. At home I had to feed him in his room or he wouldn’t eat.
He quickly discovered he didn’t like being covered up so I learned how to nurse in public discreetly a quote I heard from a friend recently, “If you don’t like others nursing in public put a blanket over YOUR head.”  This was so Michael.

He liked to grab his foot while eating and then fling it up against my arm. In this picture its resting on my bicep. This soothed him.
I love this picture of my strong husband tenderly holding the hands of his children.
We adore each other and though this year has been our hardest year on our relationship so far with how busy we both are, we are doing our best to find a good balance and keep that fire burning. The most important part of that? We love each other unconditionally and communicate whole-heartedly (though sometimes haphazardly). We are everything to each other.
and he’s my knight in shining armor.
He didn’t even see this one coming.


Mackenzie said...

Absolutely adore/LOVE all of the photos. They are great!!!

Nikki said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I really loved the ones of you and Sean! Okay, so Dominic really had that male model thing going on, slight tilt of the head, slight tilt of the hip! So funny and adorable!

howellblog said...

Love all these people too! These pictures turned out great and so fun to see them! Love the last one- hee hee!