Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lake Tahoe Trout Farm

I told you the week before Dominic left we had quite the bucket list. Well, on that was fishing. We don't have any fishing gear and going on a charter is out of the question at this stage in our financial lives so the trout farm was the next best thing. Sean is not a huge fan of fishing, he finds it boring. Well, you married an Alaskan so TOO BAD!

So we took a friend and headed up to the Tahoe Trout Farm. The feel of the farm wasn't very exciting as in, the fish were hungry and bit your line whenever it went in the water, the trick was to get them to eat the hook.

Davis caught the first two fish and one of them was pretty big. I had to cut off his fishing privileges after that because the fish were expensive and well, I wanted my kids to catch some before we went broke. ha ha. He was a good sport about it and helped out with the net. It was fun to have a friend along.
They were both totally into it and gave each other tips and what not. I love hearing 9 year olds chatter.

This was Dominic's second fish. Unfortunately we didn't get Davis' fish because he caught them before I even got around the pond. When I went over to the bucket to see if Sean had killed the fish it was still moving. "What?! I bonked it."   Uh, you have to hit it till its dead not just once and then call it good.
After the first fish Sean officially tagged out and was on baby duty and I was on fish duty (getting the hook out, knocking them out with a metal stick and getting them in the bucket). Some may find this gross, but its what I grew up loving.....I gutted fish when I was Dominic's age all by myself and love it.

Michael loved seeing all the fishies. He also loved eating them the next night. They were REALLY yummy, not Alaska Salmon yummy, but still yummy.
Dominic's bonking. I was more scared for my finger than the fish.

Penny proudly pulled her fish in. She was so giddy over this. She too, could fish all day long.

Again, Davis was a good sport about helping with the net. He was a big help to have along. 

Good catch Penny!
You had to get the bait on around the hook and not too big because the fish were sneaky. They often got the bait without getting the hook. There is a reason why some of those fish in there are big, its because they have learned how to get food without being food.

So after each kid got 2 fish each we headed down to the shore just because I've never seen Lake Tahoe. It was so pretty but it was a little chilly still. Sean and I want to go up again for a weekend trip without the kids. It had a lot of fun little shops and stuff that would be fun to browse (without kids). 

I cut the bigger fish into fillets and the smaller fish I cut into steaks. The fillets Sean cooked on the grill with lemon pepper and they were delicious! The steaks I cooked in a pan a few nights later with a teriyaki and they were yummy too. The kids really enjoyed them and Sean was nervous to eat them but commented on how yummy they actually were (its different eating food that YOU kill and prepare versus buying it already prepared for cooking in the store).

 It was a great way to start the day!

Super Baby!

It was a fun day! Michael thinks riding on shoulders is so silly. He giggles that he can look down, and I can look up and we can see each other. I love him.

And he was all tuckered out by the time we got home. Sweet baby.

Sean and Dominic then went to the Rivercats Baseball game that night while Penny, Michael and I stayed home. Penny took a giant bubble bath before bedtime. Here she is saying, "Best - Day- Eveeeeeeeeeer!" in response to how she liked going fishing that morning.  She's so silly. 
Silly bubble girl

She could hardly see over them! Also, she put a yellow bath tablet in the water and said, "Now, when Daddy comes home, he will think I peed in the water!!"

I love this picture of Penny and Sean. So sweet, so happy, so kissable (both of them). 

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