Saturday, June 18, 2011

Horse Expo

We purchased some discounted tickets through Sacramento Perks a while back to attend the horse expo. We though it would be fun for the family but really thought Penny would be the one to enjoy it the most. WRONG. Michael was so giddy about the horses. He was (not even kidding) neighing the whole time we were there and into the next week. If you haven’t heard him neigh, you are missing out (I’ll try to get it on video)

He's a goof and will fake whine. He knows he's being funny.

They had a kids area that had a lot of little activities for the kids and a petting zoo. The animals were resting so we just did a few activities. Dominic drew a horse for the first time ever and I was really impressed.

Here they had embossed the first letter of their name into a horse shaped piece of leather and then colored on it with permanent marker. They put a taggle on it so it could be a zipper pull.


Another place had free horse figurines that the kids could paint. They both took their time painting their horses and I was quite impressed with the detail they put into it. Penny, of course, needed her horse to be pink.


Busy face Penny:

Busy face Dominic:


Michael is a ham. 

It was very VERY hot out so I'm glad we brought lots of water bottles. We all drank a lot!


Penny kept saying how nice Michael was to share with her. By his squeals we could tell he was thinking "Its so nice of her to let me feed her." 
The perfect pair.

This truck was huge and had 3 rows of seats in it plus a huge sound system and TV's on the bed when you opened up the, what looked like a toolbox. I can only imagine its gas bill.

The Golden California Bear was not too scary to ride and both Dominic and Penny decided to look scared for the photo. I just wish that I could see the rest of Dominic's face because he has the beginnings of a scared face goin on! 

He then said, "Mom take one more picture" but didn't tell me what he was going to do.
Golden Bear, death by pen stabbing (note, no golden bears were damaged in the taking of this picture)

One of the biggest highlights was seeing all the pull-behind trailer campers (if that gives you an idea of how excited we were about all the horse booths.) Maybe it would have been more exciting if we actually owned a horse. I don't think we'll go again next year...but it was fun to do something different.

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