Friday, June 10, 2011

Gymnastics Spring Show!

This last week was Spring Show at Tumble Time. Dominic is not so keen on show weeks, but we love to watch him so he was a good sport and went anyways. He has gotten REALLY good this last year and can do a front handspring, assisted back walkovers and assisted back handsprings. It was really fun to watch him....he's did not get my limber gene's but he definitely has the Hirt legs.
We took more video of him than pictures so I only had a couple of him in action. This was a tuck jump. I was also impressed with his full turn off the spring board, he was the only one to do a full turn. All these are pretty basic skills that will lead to more difficult tricks like handsprings and such. They are smart to do spring show cuz I wasn't sure we would do tumbling again for him next year, but after seeing how much he improved this year we definitely will!!

They made him do the cheesy, "ta-da!" on their make-shift awards platform. Good sport Dominic, good sport. 

Penny on the other hand was SO EXCITED for show. She wanted to wear her blue leotard with sparkly stars on it. This was her, I'm embarrassed but don't want to show it face.

Michael was much more interested this time around and sat and cheered all the little kids on. When other people clapped and yelled, Michael did too. Sometimes, he thought they were clapping for him. =)

She's kinda embarrassed in this photo, I love it.

Big finish!
I love her.

Penny, on the other hand, does have my limber genes.

She had this bridge all by herself too.
Awesome bridge!

They asked them to hop on one foot and she looked at us like this and mouthed, "I can't do this one." Silly Penny.

I could seriously eat her sometimes.
She is a little monkey

Her rings are the most favorite place to be at gymnastics AND at home. 

This is how they are instructed to sit and wait for their turn, literally. "Elbows on blue!"
The beam scares her and she says, "I can't try!" Which translates to, I can't do it. We're working on that phrase.


One last BIG finish! 

Then when they were all done, their team gym did a performance. But, before they did, she wanted to show the progression of the skills. How what they do, even at 3 years old, leads to bigger skills. She asked Penny to go out onto the floor and do a backbend over the mailbox and then had one of the girls do a standing back handspring......

And when she was done she did this embarrassed stance that got the audience rolling (instead of her big finish). She was trying NOT to smile, which hardly worked. 

Michael learned how to do a big finish too. Anytime you ask him to do "ta-da" he sticks his hands up. 
It cracks me up how his hands are fully extended but only reach the top of his head. Hee hee. Babies are proportioned so funny, thats what makes them so cute. 

Then her embarrassed big finish stance on the awards platform had everyone rolling again. Which only made her do her embarrassed smile more and more. It was awesome. She's such a ham!

When she got home I gave her a fudge popsicle that she shared with Michael. 
I love this picture.

Dominic had gone to a friends till late so Penny and I made a bowl of popcorn and watched Beauty and The Beast (her new favorite movie). 

She only lasted half-way before she konked out. 

We love Tumble Time! Penny has been doing it since she was 1.5 and we seriously love it. It has really helped with transitioning for her. Not only starting class without mom, but transitioning from room to room and skill to skill. She's really improved in this area this last year.

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Nikki said...

OH MY GOSH! I have the worst preggo brain ever! I have THIS weekend written down as the spring show and didn't take my kids to tumble time yesterday! AAAAHHH! Lame. Well, at least you guys enjoyed it. It would have been nice to watch your kids too. They sure look cute and Micheal's ta-da is adorable!