Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last Monday, for FHE, we made a paper chain to count the days till Dominic gets home. The night before I was putting Penny to bed on Sunday night and she said, "I just don't like missing Dominic like this for a long time, every day like this and I don't know when I can stop missing him. I can't remember what his face looks like!"

So, I got a great picture of him and stuck it in the slats above her bed (she sleeps on the bottom bunk) so that she could see his face every night when she goes to bed. I think her other phrase was a very cute way to say, "I don't know how to process 8 weeks and don't know if that means tomorrow or lots and lots of tomorrows! How do I know when its almost time for him to come home!"  I had an idea to solve this problem and since the next day was family night I enlisted the idea for our activity.

Monday night rolled around and Michael could not stay awake to even eat dinner with us. It had been a long day!

He fought it, OH HE FOUGHT IT. But in the end sleep won. I transferred him to his bed and got PJ's on him and he was out for the night.

So Sean and I got to work with Penny making a paper chain with each chain representing one day that Dominic is gone. Sadly the chain is very long BUT every day its get a little shorter and shorter. Penny had a GREAT time putting this together and knew just how to do it!
She is a girl who is all about crafts like this. She wanted to staple it herself, but after stapling her finger she decided that mom better help her.

She almost got my finger too.

At this point, the chain was 49 links long, as I'm writing this its only 41 links long. 

Sad faces because its still a long chain. Dominic is the best big brother ever.

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Jenny said...

We have a 3 year old in our house that is missing her Abby and Nathan also. They have been apart for 24 days now. We are in Pennsylvania. We moved without them and they will fly out after their visitation is finished. She is still not sure that they will be here. It is so sad when she has little break downs because she misses them so much and it is her "turn to have them visit me forever!" We are doing a calendar that she puts a sticker on. We have 25 days left until they are home!! Hang in there sweet PENNY!