Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fat Suit

My friend made a last minute call asking me if I could sew a fat suit for a costume she needed for a character in a skit at girls camp. I've never made a fat suit before but after a couple minutes online knew it shouldn't be too challenging.

My original idea of using nylons for the skin didn't work, but these off brown yoga pants worked well enough. Michael did not like it when I tried it on. I think it hid his feeding station too far underneath too much stuffing.

There will be a Hawaiian shirt worn over this suit (it was in the car) and she is pretending to be IZ

Penny really liked the top half.

The top part was actually really easy and only involved 2 XXL t-shirts and stuffing. I sewed the arm holes and the bottom hem of the shirts closed then I laid those two shirts on top of eachother both facing up and sewed the arm-to-neck seam as well as the underarm-to-waist seam.

The shirt on top draw a rounded large W for the moobs and a frowny face underneath a few inches for the gut with a pencil. Sew only that shirt (not the back shirt) along those lines making sure that you have room on the left and right to pass stuffing through to the bottom.
Stuff both the front and back with poly-fill stuffing till it is as stuffed as you want it and then sew the neck lines shut at the proper neck seams. For the front shirt only you will have to trim the neckline to  match the curve for the front of the shirt (as it will still have the back of the shirt showing even though its being used as the front) Instant fat shirt and should take less than 30 minutes.

The pants were a little more involved. 
If you decide to tackle pants and you want directions let me know.


Kristina and Robert said...

omgoodness I saw this picture of you in the fat suit and started laughing my butt off. It is so hilarious with your tiny head sticking out of a huge body. :)

Good job on the suit, it looks realistic. You are so creative.

Courtney M. said...

You amaze me!

mazda2478 said...

Hi I saw ur post n im going 2 make a fat suit for halloween n I was wondering can u tell me how u did the pants? Thank u so much

Sean said...

Okay I hope this is helpful. My brain can piece things together without directions but the directions don't always translate very well onto paper. I didn't take pictures of the process.

1 huge pair of pants
1 pair of yoga pants skin colored
1 bag of poly fill
1/2 yard of any fabric

Cut large pants (not yoga pants) to the length you want them. Cut a 3 inch strip off the top of the part that you aren't going to use and sew it back on to the pants. Iron this so that it goes back up into the pants and creates a nice seam but don't sew a hem.

cut a piece of fabric to go inside the bottom of the yoga pants. It can just be a tube and doesn't need to have a nice shape to it. It won't be seen. It needs to be large enough to fit your leg and foot through when you have it stuffed, so don't make it too small. Make it as tall as from the bottom of the yoga pants to 4 inches above where the shorts will stop. Sew one end of this tube (rights sides together) to the bottom of the yoga pants. Turn the fabric so it goes up into the leg of the yoga pants. Hand stitch this top of the tube to the inside of the yoga pants, above the hem line of where the regular pants will stop....leaving room to put stuffing into the calf region. Repeat for both legs.

With right sides together, hand sew the shorts extension (that you previously sewed and ironed up into the shorts) onto the yoga pants where you want the shorts to stop and below the line where you hand sewed the calf. Repeat for both legs.

You are now ready to sew the top of the yoga pants to the top of the shorts. Make sure to leave a hole to stuff the thighs.

Begin stuffing....first with the calves. Make sure you can get your foot into the hole you have made to put your foot through. If you can't, remove some stuffing. Shape them and then hand sew the hole closed. Not stuff the thigh and butt. Shape till it looks right and then hand sew the hole shut. Viola....

See? That was easy right?

Seriously, if you can read and understand those directions you should go buy yourself an ice cream. if you have any further questions.

Sean said...

You want to yoga pants to be rather large so you can get a good sized calf but not so large that it is bigger than the shorts you will be putting them inside of.