Thursday, June 23, 2011


The reason we moved to our town is because Sean has family here. He had 2 cousins here and 1 cousin nearby, and his Great Grandma lives here (we lived with her when we first moved from Sacramento).
His cousin Doug just had a pool put in his backyard and it is so nice. I can count on one hand how many times I've been in his backyard before he got the pool whereas now the backyard is the place to be.

We had a second birthday party for Dominic the night before he left with just family. We swam and swam until we could not swim anymore. It was not quite super hot yet but the kids didn't seem to mind.

After this shot they all scattered and I couldn't get another one.

Dominic opted for ice cream cookie sandwiches instead of birthday cake. They were yummy (and dangerous!).

Michael likes to try to use utensils on any of his food.....even the things you don't need one for. He's just figuring out the world and how it works. I love it.

Penny is NOT going to drown. This is before I got her swimming. And it still took prying her into the water to make her believe that she would actually float. ha ha ha
Her favorite place was the hot tub because she could touch the bottom (and it was warm).

Then when we got home she and Dominic discovered the vacuum. I have no idea.

Happy Friday, we're off camping tomorrow with his cousins on the lake. Can't wait (we're bringing lots of sunscreen and hoping for great weather with no wind so we can wake board! Who knows, maybe I'll figure it out this time. I still can't figure out how to stand up.

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