Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Afterthoughts are always nice. I should have taken a before picture of my pantry. We had our handyman (Forrest) come and put some new shelves in the garage (sooo nice!) and while he was at it, we had him re-do the shelves in our pantry. Our pantry shelves that were in here before were about 2/3 the depth, didn't have the two top shelves, and the bottom shelf was wire shelf that we installed after moving in and was starting to sag.

I love the cut-out in the middle shelf as it allows me to see what is on the bottom shelf in the back without having to pull everything out. It is the perfect pantry and it more than doubled my space! Annie, the Nutella might be out of your reach way up there now, you are safe to come back and visit.
I catch myself opening my pantry JUST so I can stare at it. =)
Yes, sometimes, I'm vain!

One of the other things he did was the garage. I love my new shelving in the garage too because with our business in there, things can get really cluttered real fast. Check out my shoe rack:

Thank you Forrest for doing such great work!
(he also installed a fan/light in the kids room as we've just been using floor lamps since we moved in! What a difference it makes!)

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howellblog said...

Love it! I love to organize like this. Seems to make moms happy when we can see progress! I started trading off with my sis-in-law here. We organize one of her rooms or closets in 2 hours one week and do one of mine the other week- a trade off- while our little ones play! I would have maybe done that with you if we were still in CA!