Sunday, May 08, 2011

Late Night Penny

When Penny falls asleep during the day, she is up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Just that few hours in the middle of the day are enough to keep her up till almost midnight. However, those hours together are usually filled with the silliest and most creative learning! These nights don’t happen very often, but when they do, Sean and I thoroughly enjoy them.
She has struggled being able to walk on these stilts in years past, but tonight, she really got it. She was all over the living room in them and was in fits of giggles.
So, then we went from that to spelling/reading at the table. Only, she wasn’t quite tall enough and proclaimed that she needed her stilts to be able to see. We were at the table for a good 30 minutes with her standing on them.
Her reading is amazing. She was reading words she’s never read before (I spelled them out with the letters from the alphabet board). As an experiment I used blends to see if she could do them (she’s still on really simple words in her reading lessons and we’re moving quite slow because there is no hurry). She seriously had no problem and I was so proud of her reading ability. She read words like; track, star, stack, blend, block, brand, grasp, spin, spend, spit, frog, winter, splinter, trick, trap. We did SO MANY words and she didn’t want to stop. She then resorted to writing the names of her family after I spelled them out for her with the blocks of letters.
Hard at work writing Michael’s name:
She wanted to write the word Bud for Dominic. So cute.
I love the concentration on her face. Notice the time, 10:35pm.
And there is the masterpiece. All 5 members of our family. I love how she could hardly squeeze the last letter in the word DAD, so she made the last D super super super teeny. This was during the week when Dominic was in Alaska…..and she really really missed him. That’s why she wanted to write his name as Bud. He is her bud. He’s such a good brother.


Julia Harps said...

so cute.

Sean said...

This was such a fun night. I'm so glad we got it on camera.